Ashley H.

Ashley Horne

Ashley H. Producer, Creative Director, Director, Post Producer.

Ash is a london-based award-winning Producer and Creative Director at the Academy Award® winning Slick Films. Kick-starting his career with two seasons of the musical comedy sitcom ‘The Midnight Beast’ on E4, produced by Warp Films.

From shooting lo-fi hip-hop music videos on a dime with his comedy collective The Midnight Beast, Ash has gone onto collaborate with the likes of Ice Cube, Selena Gomez, Bobby Lee, Dodie Clark, Rich Fulcher, Andy Dick, Nicholas Hoult, Orla Gartland, Pomplamoose, Tom George, Jon Jon Augustavo and Kevin Hart. Ash’s aesthetic is naturally rooted within the darkly comic and surreal, fused with cinematic visuals and a heightened sense of reality.

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D&AD Impact Programme + edits for socials (Producer + Director)

SLICK FILMS - The Power of Particles (Creative Director)

SLICK FILMS - CODE RED (Producer + Creative Director)


BOYS LIKE YOU / PENNY4 - Music Video (Producer)

GUILTLESS / PENNY4 - Music Video (Associate Producer)

SAD ON INSTAGRAM / SLICK FILMS - Music Video (Producer)

AMNESIA / SLICK FILMS - Music Video (Producer)

WHO ARE YOU? / SLICK FILMS - Music Video (Producer)

FLATLINE - Music Video (Producer)

INEVITABLE / PENNY4 - Music Video (Co-Producer)

Dir. BERTIE GILBERT 2021 (Producer)

Dir. CHRIS OVERTON 2021 (Line Producer)

Dir. CHRIS OVERTON 2021 (Associate Producer)

Dir. BRIAN DUFFY 2021 (Producer)

Dir. JIMMY DEAN 2022 (Producer)

Dir. AARON WHEELER 2022 (Executive Producer)

Dir. SAMMY PAUL 2019 (Producer)

5 X 15min game show series. Five well-known internet personalities play

games based on economic experiments to win $10,000. PENNY4 for NEBULA

NETWORK (Producer)

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