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In the last ten years Whetham has honed his talent on high-end documentaries, factual TV and film for UK & international broadcasters. He has enjoyed working on a variety of genres including observational, historical archive, single interview narrative, drama-recon and self-shot diary. Long-form projects such as these allow him to be involved at a very early stage in the scripting process for which he has a solid instinct for narrative editing. The nature of his work requires meticulous attention to rhythm and pace whether he is crafting a 20 minute observation, a dramatic chase scene or a lightning fast opening montage.

Whetham is also an experienced musician and takes an avid interest in how to drive and colour stories with sound design and music.

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A young graduate befriends a new workmate, a shy loner. She reaches out to help him, but he becomes besotted by her. Management ignore her requests for help, and the dark tale escalates into obsession and violence.

October Films / Discovery ID / 43 min

A man trapped under ice for 30 minutes; a girl hit in her SUV by a truck,; a woman under anaesthetic during brain surgery – all brought back to life from clinical death states.

A pair of DEA agents on assignment in Colombia suspect their hotel is harbouring fugitive drug runners.

A gang of Romany gypsies in a down-and-out Seattle neighbourhood befriend members of a retirement village. They begin an elaborate million-dollar scam which ends in bloody murder. -ITN Productions / Discovery ID / 47 min

A young Californian woman falls in with an alternative Christian community, after being seduced by a self-styled prophet. Her deluded and devoted she is powerless to break away, even after being emotionally abused and raped. Re-told bravely twenty years after the events, recreated with stark, brutal realism.

- Raw / Discovery ID 44 min

In 1980 a low-ranking crew of Chicago outfit gangsters shot to notoriety after a string of daring and flamboyant robberies. Dubbed the ‘Hole in the Wall’ gang they were under surveillance by the FBI in a cat-and-mouse game that was at once sublime and ridiculous. Brutal, intimate, and darkly funny, a film revealing the unique bond between cops and robbers.

- Raw TV / Nat Geo / 44 min

A Sacramento woman is drugged and brainwashed by her husband into believing she is a member of a satanic cult. Trapped in an ever expanding dream-world she eventually confesses to a series of heinous crimes she never committed.

- Raw TV / Discovery ID / 44 min

Two young backpackers venture into the Darien Gap, the notorious stretch of lawless jungle linking Panama and Colombia. Captured by guerrillas they endure a nine month ordeal before a daring escape. Drama recon.

- Five / Nat Geo US / 44 min.

Co-editor - The story of an Irish woman who spends six years in an Ecuadorian prison after being wrongly convicted of trafficking.

Raw Films / Five / Nat Geo. 47 min, HD cocaine.

An American takes a gamble mulling hash from Nepal into Japan. After two successful runs his luck runs out and he winds up in Japan’s strictest prison. Drama recon.

- Raw Films / Five / Nat Geo US / 45 min / HD.

Scamp has lives at a hospice in Ohio. Nurses soon noticed that patients he became fond of and spent most time with were soon diagnosed with cancer.

Two lion cubs are rescued from a resort in Spain and flown back to Africa.

45 min presenter led doc about a radical all African fashion week in Kinshasa, Congo.

Vice TV

58 mins - Stacey Dooley presents a documentary looking into the sex industry in Russia

- BBC 3

Co-editor - Feature length autobiographical documentary charting the journey of the director after she returned to vote in the 2004 Palestinian elections. She observes the construction and impact of the Israeli security barrier, and comes to terms with the situation in her home town. Director: Leila Sansour Feature documentary

Billions of years ago planet Venus occupied the Goldilocks position, the place now held by Earth, just the right distance from the Sun to support life. But now Venus is burning hot and it’s atmosphere toxic. What happened to this once blue planet? Will the same series of catastrophes eventually destroy Earth?

- Pioneer Productions / Discovery

Kenya’s black-ops police squads hunt and execute suspects often without charge or trial. Kenyan journalist Mo Ali takes secret cameras into the toughest neighbourhoods of Nairobi and Mombasa, tracking police abductions, and following the journey of a family desperate for justice after their young son found dead the day after he was arrested.

Insight TWI / Al Jazeera English Observational / current affairs

45 min - The story of the mighty geology beneath New York City, an area forged by prehistoric volcanoes, mile-high glaciers and cataclysmic floods.

Pioneer / History Channel / HD.

The story of Kevin Richardson, a conservationist who runs a lion reserve in South Africa. An observational story told during a season where the welfare of the animals is also threatened by the search for crucial funds.

Renegade / Nat Geo. 48 min / HD.

In January 2013 Islamic jihadists attacked the In Amenas gas plant in eastern Algeria and took over 40 International hostages, wiring them to explosives. The Algerian army responded unilaterally with force. During the debacle 25 hostages died. Western governments almost certainly had access to real time drone and satellite surveillance, but did nothing. 5 of the hostages tell their story and rebuild a personal account of their abandonment.

- Nutopia / Channel 4

In the summer of 2010 Ed Stafford emerged from the Amazon delta after an 859 day odyssey walking the entire length of the river. This feature length doc was cut from 170 hours of self-shot footage and an interview where he recounts his extraordinary adventure. Lead editor.

- Ginger Prods / Five / Discovery US / 120 min / HD.

In 1973 two maverick entrepreneurs left Australia and came to Brooklyn Brothers / London. They bought a vintage double decker bus for £300 Independent feature doc and drove a handful of Ozzie travellers around Morocco. They took on Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and eventually conquered a 12,000 mile overland to Kathmandu during a deadly central Asian winter. Their legendary trips bore witness to some of the world’s most devastating geopolitical events. The evolution of their company into the multinational tourism giant Flight Centre became emblematic of the end of a golden age of adventure travel.

- Brooklyn Brothers – Feature documentary

58 min - Perennial charmers the Meerkats are re-explored in an anniversary tribute 20 years after they first appeared on the BBC. Their intricate social structure, vocalisation and bizarre snake and scorpion diet is scrutinised under new state-of-the- art camera technology. - Natural History. Oxford Scientific Films / BBC 2 /

30 min - Documentary looking at post-flood life in three remote villages in Mozambique. - Christian Aid

Documentary recreating and analysing the ten mafia commandments discovered after the bust of notorious boss Salvatore Piccolo.

- Wall to Wall / Discovery / 90 min / HD.

Two hour long history / crime documentaries about the rise fall of the Mafia in Philadelphia and Las Vegas. Showcasing unique FBI archive and drama reconstructions of each city’s most spectacular heists, and devastating busts.

- Wall to Wall / National Geographic / 2 x 48 min / Avid offline / HD.

Engineering / technology documentary following the incredible yearlong construction of the ocean liner the QM2.

- Darlow Smithson / National Geographic / 48min / HD.

Behaviour / psychology series investigating the latest animal intelligence research programs. This film looks at tool use and communication in the corvid bird family.

- Blink Television / Five / 26 min / HD.

Two half hour animal behaviour / psychology documentaries. A schnauzer who can detect cancer using smell, and a group of dolphins who are learning to communicate with an underwater touch screen, using their sonar.

- Blink / Five / 2 x 26 min / HD

The real story behind the events in the Hollywood movie. The Soviet Navy chases down the frigate Storozhevoy, after a mutiny by a political officer bent on sparking a second communist revolution.

- Blink / Five / 48 min / HD.

Science documentary illuminating new methods of volcanic prediction. Locations included Mt Etna, Mt St Helens and Kilauea in Hawaii.

- Pioneer / National Geographic / 48 min / Avid offline / HD.

Biography tracing the dark life of Phil Spector, his music and his bizarre family relationships.

- Darlow Smithson / Channel 4 / 48min restructure fine cut.

Stunning travel documentary touring Japan's capital, from the summit of Mt Fuji, to the harbour-side tuna markets of Tsukiji and the magical lantern festival at Akita.

- Pilot Productions / Discovery / 50 min

Zimbabwe’s HIV drugs – provided almost for free by the international community – are going

missing. Dragged into the black market they end up on the streets for inflated prices, or

worse in the hands of drug addicts. This documentary follows the supply chain from the

hospitals and pharmacies all the way onto the street, via a myriad of criminal middlemen,

exposing a corrupt system that is crushing a nation’s chances of beating HIV.

- Insight TWI / Al Jazeera English

As more of Senegal’s population survive infectious diseases its hospitals are struggling to cope with a surge in cancer rates. The critical painkiller morphine is in short supply. One doctor in Dakar has managed to keep stocks for his child patients. Elsewhere in the hospital there are constant shortages, while beyond the capital there is no morphine at all.

- Quicksilver / Channel 4

In the slums of Delhi a pair of teenage journalists write a newspaper revealing the abuse of unregistered street children. They train a rag-picking boy up as a junior reporter and take him out into the big city on his first assignment.

- Quicksilver / Channel 4

Post -Castro future, importantly its changing relationship with the US. The proposed easing of migration and trade bans will affect every strata of Cuban society. A shift toward democracy is not welcome by all.

- Quicksilver / Channel 4

Documentary looking at women’s issues in rural China and the micro-credit loan scheme run by UNICEF. - TVE / BBC World / 30 min / Avid offline

Restructuring, fine cut - Analysis of the big five banks post credit crunch and the pay of their top execs.

- Wall to Wall /Channel 4.

Levison Wood hitchhikes 2500 miles through the badlands of the Caucacus mountains. Trailed by secret police, and passing through forgotten war zones, he meets an array of extraordinary characters, from gold-toothed wolf hunters and reclusive monks to mothers of ISIS fighters and an Iranian biker gang.

October Films / Channel 4 / 47 min

Growing numbers of Russian women are turning to the sex industry to make a living.

Two Mormon realtors who lost everything in the recession establish a gold mine in a remote region of Ghana. They compete with Chinese gangs and keep their machines running with no technical support in a constantly flooding river basin. - Raw TV / Discovery / 43 min

A maverick English explorer and his best friend, an ex-Formula 1 racing engineer chase down the Antarctic overland speed record in a customised 4x4. Observational Doc. Self Shot.

- Raw TV / Discovery / 44 min / HD.

Seven down on their luck Oregon men throw themselves against the sub-arctic wilderness in the hunt for gold. They build their own processing plant, fend off wild bears and struggle to keep the team together through tough times.

- Raw / Discovery / 43 min / HD.

One-off observational documentary following Karin Saks, a South African environmentalist who studies and lives with wild baboons.

- Firecracker Films / Five / 47 min / HD.

Series following one summer season in the life of Charlie Vandergaw, who for the last 20 years has spent his summers hosting dozens of wild black and grizzly bears in his remote Alaskan cabin

- Firecracker Films / Animal Planet / 2 x 24 min / HD.

An observational lineage of the meth-amphetamine supply chain. Told by the addicts, cooks, dealers, traffickers, and cops and doctors whose lives the drug radically changes.

- Wall to Wall / Nat Geo / 45 min / HD.

Every year thousands of off-grid homesteads across the US fail. A rugged and eccentric Alaskan family visits families in desperate need of help, securing water sources, repelling predators and building sound structures.

A social history charting sexuality in Hollywood.

First-hand testimony stripping away the myths surrounding this troubled musical genius.

Tony Robinson hosts ten celebrities journeying through British history, grappling with ordinary life through six iconic ages. In this episode they are transported into an Elizabethan manor house and ordered into a strict hierarchy of servants in preparation of a grand Tudor feast. - Wall to Wall / Channel 4 / 47 min

Fine cutting and reversioning - 5 x 50min - Ex CIA and MI6 agents train everyday people as hi-tech spies. - Wall to Wall / BBC 2

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Whetham is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline Editor.

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