Wes S.

Wes S. Designer, Animator, Art Director, Compositor, Editor (offline), Motion Graphic Designer, 3D Generalist.

Wes is a Designer, Animator and Art Director hailing from the darkest jungles of Florida. She has been living in London for many years now, despite the weather, working on animations for both children’s programmes and advertising.

Specializing in character design and development, she has worked for some of the biggest kids TV channels including Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. She has also brought her illustrative style to storyboarding, animatics and branded content for many of the top agencies in London.

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Adventure time promo. Animation, compositing, lighting, editing and motion graphics. PROMAX SILVER for Best Children’s Promo 2014.

Cartoon Network (Photoshop / AFX).

PROMAX SILVER for Best Children’s Promo 2014.

Storyboarded advert. Created props such as the diary and drawings. Cartoon Network (Photoshop).

Concept artwork and branding. Nickelodeon (Photoshop).

Created an animated character from the first prize winner of the kids character design competition (Photoshop / AFX).

Created in-show animation for BAFTA award winning children’s sketch comedy. BBC (Photoshop / AFX).

All artwork, editing, compositing and output for different feeds. Boomerang (Photoshop / AFX).

Head of reversion team creating 2 TV commercials going out globally in 15 languages with subtitling for Nickelodeon and MTV.

Animation and Post Production for Jelly London. (AFX)

Stop motion animation, principal photography, clean-up and compositing. Jelly (Photoshop / AFX).

Storyboarded two adverts (Animated Storyboards / Photoshop).

2 x illustrated animatics for Three Blind Mice (Animated Storyboards / AFX).

Created a marketing sizzle reel for new clients. (Photoshop / AFX).

Animatic editing and animation for a Christmas Campaign. Three Blind Mice (Photoshop / AFX).

Three Blind Mice, Saatchi & Saatchi. (Photo-Real Animation)

Created logo for handbag line. (Photoshop).

Campaign. Recreated exactly hand drawn illustrations by Jo Bird and animated them appearing on models photographed by Rankin for FCUK. Jelly (Photoshop / AFX).

Karina Akopyan is a Fine artist whose work combines traditional Orthodox Russian Imagery with modern Fetish. (Art Direction / VFX / AFX).

Created concept artwork for event in Trafalgar Square campaign. (Projection Artworks / Photoshop).

Live New Year’s Eve projection on the Shell Building in London, Projection Artworks. (Video Projection Design / Development).

MTV (Edit / Graphics).

Y & R (Animation / Compositing).

Transformers and My Little Pony Pack Designs for Stand Up and Smile.

Energy (Background Video Creation).

In-store projection, Projection Artworks. (Concept Development / Animation).

Video Marcoms (Graphics / Animation).

In House Animatics, This Is Ground Control (Creative Developments / Editor).

Developed and designed all bus adverts for TruTV’s launch of the reality show, released nationwide and on many double-decker buses in London. Tru TV (Photoshop / Graphic Designer).

Concept artwork creating an immersive projection experience to launch the new Samsung Edge phone. (Projection Artworks / Photoshop).

Created branding development. (Photoshop/ AFX).

Character consultant and lead character designer for new range of toothbrushes. Created a workflow between agency and product manufacturing team and advised on product development and branding. Photoshop, Maya, Mudbox. Stand Up and Smile. (Art Direction / 3D Design)

Wes S.'s Software Skills

Wes is an advanced user of After Effects CC.

Wes is an advanced user of Photoshop CC.

Wes uses Premiere Pro CC for offline editing.

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