Vincent G.

Vincent G. Compositor.

Vincent comes from a visual-arts background, having trained and worked as a photographer in the 1990's, producing work for record labels and fledgling fashion designers during the Brit Pop years.

Moving to work with moving image seemed a natural course and after cutting his teeth at the then newly established post house, Glassworks, (working his way up from runner through the machine room to assistant Flame Op) he went on to start his freelancing odyssey. That journey has seen him contribute to quirky one off feature films ('Five Children and It 'Jim Henson's Creature Shop), VFX Oscar-winning shows (The Golden Compass), the visually stunning films of Ridley Scott ('Kingdom of Heaven', 'Exodus: Gods and Kings') and the distinctly stylized creations of Zack Snyder ('300: Return of an Empire').

More recently Vincent has focused on work for broadcast, helping the in-house team at Sky to deliver the latest title sequences for Sky Sports' flagship Football programming, as well as increasingly becoming engaged with commercials work.

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Lead 2D Artist on sequence of over 40 shots for Indian science fiction film, Unit Studios, London.

Director: Peyton Reed, monitor screen replacements for Marvel.

Director: Alan Taylor, hand replacement.

Director: Len Wiseman, MPC, London

Director: Tom Hooper, Mill Film, London

Director: Chris Weitz, Cinesite, London

Director: Matthew Vaughan, The Senate VFX, London

Director: Ralph Fiennes, One of Us, London

Director: Tim Burton / Mike Johnson, MPC, London

Director: Keenan Ivory Wayans, MPC, London

Director: Ridley Scott, MPC, London

Director: Brian Levant, Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Director: Nick Park, MPC, London

Director: John Stephenson, Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Director: Billy O'Brien, MPC, London

Director: Frank Coraci, Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Director: Ridley Scott, MPC, London

Director: Robert Stromberg, MPC, London

Director: Noam Murro, MPC, London

Director: James Gunn, MPC, London

Director: Thor Freudenthal, MPC, London

Director: John Henderson, Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Hand replacement

Sky. Battle scene enhancements (smoke/blood & gore). Unit Studios, London.

Director: Yoeri Holsheimer, Lev Pictures / RTL Amsterdam

HDTV, Director: Vadim Jean, 2 x 60 min episodes. Fluid Pictures / Sky

BBC1. 4 shots completed for the BBC's Autumn 2015 major period piece drama. Set extensions , environment enhancement, battle scene blood and gore embellishment. Bluebolt VFX

Flame Operator, Jim Henson's Creature Shop

1x40sec, 1x30sec spots. Envy Post

3 x TV Spot, compositing of crowd elements to populate stadiums. Envy Post.

1 x 40 sec TV Spot, compositing of crowd elements to populate football stadium. Envy Post.

1x 30 sec TV spot, VCCP.

1x 60 sec, 1 x 20 sec, 1x15 sec spots, Hogarth WW.

1 x 40 sec, 1 x 30 sec, Unit Post Production, London

1 x 25 sec spot, The Bakery, Amsterdam

2 x 25 sec spots, The Bakery, Amsterdam

1 x 30 sec spot, The Bakery, Amsterdam

2 x 25 sec spots, The Bakery, Amsterdam

1 x 25 sec spot, The Bakery, Amsterdam

1 x 60 sec, 2 x 30 sec, Comrad, Amsterdam

1 x 40 sec for cinema, Comrad, Amsterdam

TV spot 1x 40 sec. Compositing of crowd elements to populate football stadium. (Envy Post)

1 x 30 sec spot, The Bakery / BSUR, Amsterdam

Comedy horror series. Set extentions (greenscreen) , CG character integration and digital clean-up on E4's new comedy/horror offering.

Director: Annemarie van de mond, ShoSho / RTL Amsterdam

422 South / Discovery Channel

422 South / ZDF / Discovery Channel

Shake Compositor, The Indestructible Production Company

Flame Operator, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

HDTV, BBC / Jim Henson's Creature Shop

3 x 40 sec, Baked Beans, Amsterdam

1 x 60 sec, The Bakery, Amsterdam

Shake Compositor, 3D IMAX production, Universal Studios Theme Park at Osaka, Japan. Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Channel bumpers (Anthony Joshua ) NUKE compositing

2 x 15 sec, MPC, London

1x 40sec, Nuke compositing. Sky Creative.

Title sequence. Sky Creative.

Nuke compositing. Sky Creative.

3 title sequences. CG flags integration for Sky Sports flagship weekend football programme. Sky Creative.

On-set supervision and lead artist role in interpreting clients aim of bringing 'magical realism' to a ground-breaking new science series commissioned by Netflix. Unit Studios, London.

Motion retouch at Okay Studio, London. Beauty work and retouching of key new products in launch films.

Vincent G.'s Software Skills

Vincent is a highly experience Nuke user.

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