Tom W.

Tom W. Editor (offline), Motion Graphic Designer, Compositor, Animator.

Tom has over 10 years’ experience as an editor, with solid storytelling experience. Tom is confident, easy-going and conscientious. He knows editing is about making an emotional connection with an audience and he understands it is also about connecting with his clients: listening, asking the right questions and offering opinions and guidance. He enjoys working closely with clients or when given creative autonomy. He works well under pressure and enjoys the excitement of high production value, high-level work.

He is also fluent in Brazilian Portuguese.

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Animations 2 x 20s Mission. (AFX) Created animations

1x90’, 3x30s (Premiere) Edited and reversioned for multiple platforms: instagram, facebook.

Created animations (AFX)

The Edge Created animations (AFX)

30”x 3, 15” x 3 Cubo (Premiere) Edited, Sound Designed.

90”, 30”, 25”, 15” Purple. (Premiere, AFX) Edited, comped VFX, oversaw grade and sound mix and multiple reversions for various markets: Cinema & TVC in Poland, TVC in Hungary, TVC in Korea, Global online.

4 x 60” TVCs ADAPTS & 4x30” CUTDOWNS (Premiere, AFX). H&O

Edited, created VFX and adapted for local markets

4 x 10” TVCs (Premiere, AFX). Hogarth

Edited and created VFX.

3 x 30” TVCs (Premiere, AFX) Hogarth, Editing

2 x 30” Cinema ads (Premiere, AFX) Ogilvy

This campaign won a Bronze Lion at Cannes

30” TVC- Ogilvy

Premiere, AFX, Edited and created animated graphics.

90” (short film)

Ogilvy. Edited and worked on VFX. EY - Award winners - 2 x 3’ (Premiere) Commercials

3’ Viral (FCP, AFX) Now and Partners.

Edited and created animation.

4 x 3’ Social Videos (FCP) Edited.

90” Social Ad Adapt (Premiere, AFX).

30” Social Ad Cut down (Premiere). Edited

4 x 20” Animations (AFX). Animated

2 x 30” SECOND SOCIAL AD (Premiere, AFX) Ogilvy.

2” Social Ad (AFX and Premiere) Edited and created animation.

2” Social Ad. (Premiere, AFX) Edited and created animation

30” social ad (Premiere) Ogilvy. Edited

60” social ad. (Premiere, AFX) Ogilvy

3 x 30” social ads. (Premiere, AFX) Hogarth. Edited and created animated graphics.

2 x 30” Facebook ads (Premiere) Ogilvy.

45” Facebook ad (Premiere, AFX)

Full Fat Films. Edited and created VFX

3’40” Music Promo (FCP, AFX) Edited & created animation

3’ Music Promo (FCP). Soul Rebel

3’ Music Promo (FCP). Umut Gunduz. Edited

4’ Music Promo (FCP, AFX).

Smith & Werber. Edited and created VFX.

3’ Music Promo. (FCP)

90” TVC pitch (Avid) Dare Digital

2 x 90”TVC pitches. (Avid)

3’ TVC pitch. (Avid)

3’ TVC pitch. (Avid)

A Royal Team Tak (documentary on male mental health featuring Prince William, Peter Crouch, Thierry Henri, Jermaine Jenas, Gareth Southgate, Danny Rose, Dan Walker) (Avid)

21 Again (Makeover reality show) (Avid)

RuPaul’s Drag Race: ‘Meet the Queens’ (Premiere)

Mo Gilligan Top Boy trailer (Promotional comedy sketch with stars of Top Boy and Mo Gilligan ) (Premiere)

Gordon Ramsay’s Raw Recruits (pilot) (Avid)

3’ mini doc (FCP) Ladoja & Sons. Edited.

Online cutdowns (Premiere)

Documentary series on victims of knife crime 6 x 5’ Edited (Premiere)

3’ mini doc (FCP) Ladoja & Sons. Edited.

3’ Mini doc (Premiere) Smith & Werber

3 x 5” looping animations for installation (AFX)

Dan Hillier.

3 x 10” idents (AFX)

Created animations.

90’ Feature Film (Avid) BON Productions.

10’ (Avid). Mariana Magnavita

10’ (FCP). Dan Castella

15’ (FCP, AFX, Nuke). Smith & Werber

Tom W.'s Software Skills

Tom is a highly experienced Avid offline Editor.

Tom is a highly experienced offline Premiere Pro Editor.

Tom is a highly experienced offline FCP7 Editor.

Tom is highly experienced After Effect Animator & Compositor.

Tom is a highly experienced Nuke user.

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