Tom M.

Tom M. 3D Animator, Animator, Motion Graphic Designer.

Tom is a talented Motion Graphic Designer and Animator, with several years' freelance experience and a keen eye for detail.

He is equally happy working in 2D or 3D (or often a mixture of the two). He can take on multiple problems and give back simple thoughtful solutions that fit the brief, and is always adaptable to whatever timescales the project needs to work to.

Tom loves to work as part of a team and is a natural people-person, but is more than happy to fly solo and take on a whole project workflow when the need arises.

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20 seconds, 3D visualisation, Become - C4D, AFX

Series of 1-20 video inserts, Breakfast of Champions - C4D, AFX

15 second clips, Illumina Digital - C4D, AFX and Premiere

10 seconds, Channel 4 - C4D, AFX

12 minutes, Deutsche Bank - AFX, Premiere

10 seconds, Company's feature films - C4D, AFX

10 seconds, Princess Productions - C4D, AFX

10 seconds, Channel 4 - C4D, AFX

10 seconds, Blown Avenue - C4D, AFX

45 seconds, Article 10 - C4D, AFX, and Premiere

2 minute online promo, Breakfast of Champions - AFX, Premiere

30 Seconds, Disney Channel Promo for animated live-action kid's TV shows - AFX

90 seconds, Online promo highlighting new TV features, Haymarket Media - C4D, AFX, Premiere

10 seconds, Channel 4 – C4D, AFX

2 minute mixed 2D and 3D infographic, UNIT- C4D, AFX, and Premiere

30 seconds advertising video, Blueprint Partners - AFX, Premiere

30 seconds, Quarantine Productions - C4D, AFX

10 seconds, Self - C4D, AFX

One minute & 20 seconds, News Broadcasts graphics, BBC - AFX

Tom M.'s Software Skills

Tom is an intermediate user of Premiere Pro

Tom is an experienced Cinema 4d Artist.

Tom is an experinced user of After Effects

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