Titus K.

Titus K. Editor (offline).

When it comes to long form editing, Titus is somewhat of a guru; his artistic training and meticulous commitment to the editing process allows him to develop visual and aural motifs that reinforce any narrative and/or footage.

With years of experience under his belt he is able to confidently recognize and deliver the needs of both the director and producer, whilst maintaining his own sense of style and rhythm.

He particularly enjoys sourcing and editing to music as this allows him to further complement the storyline as well as showcase his talents. His edits are punchy yet elegant, emotive yet fun which - funnily enough - is a great reflection of his personality. Never one to cut corners, Titus goes above and beyond what is asked of him to deliver a seamless and flawless edit. In recent years he has also developed his writing skills as well as his reading voice for commentary.

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This ½ -hour film charts the growth of a Street Art Festival away from the Mostar tourist trail amongst the ruined buildings left by the war.

A 10 minute profile of the man who sold his house to invest in Bitcoin. Independently Produced Dec 17

This documentary follows the lives of a group of performers central to East London’s Drag Scene. - Independently Produced.

Working from loose scripts Titus had a lot of autonomy cutting and voicing this series of nine 2’30” features about technical innovations that could soon affect us all. - CNBC Universal.

An account of the harrowing murder of Meredith Kercher, shown in conjunction with the start of Amanda Knox’s appeal. - Discovery Channel.

A two-part special following the primary mathematics education in Britain today. Titus cut the second part and was integral to the shaping of one year’s worth of ob-doc footage. - Diverse Productions - Channel Four.

A four part documentary series that takes a wry look at the sometimes uneven and unexpected application of the A.S.B.O. legislation. - Folio - Sky One.

On-line - 6 x 30" - A Jack Shepherd presented documentary series, which re-investigates murder cases with questionable outcomes - Zenith Television - Meridian TV.

A one-hour documentary that looks into the real-life science related to the film ‘Men in Black’. - Tiger Aspect - Discovery Channel.

One in a series of documentaries about pop-cultural highpoints. - BBC productions - BBC 2.

A biographical documentary of the world famous musician and film star. - BBC Productions - BBC2.

A documentary focusing on the over-the-top antics of football managers on & off the pitch. - Zig Zag Productions - Sky One.

A trip down memory lane in this 80’s nostalgia series! - BBC productions - BBC 2

Documentary series examining how people cope with extreme situations.

- Zig Zag Productions - Channel 5

Arts documentary profiling artists involved in and culminating in an exhibition at Tate Britain. - Illuminations - Channel 4.

An affectionate look at the history of the cult soap, Dallas. - Illuminations - Channel 4.

Susie Bright discusses the history and politics of porn in the States. - Rapido Television - Channel 4

A documentary giving a flavour of contemporary British comedy to French audiences. - Rapido Television - Canal+

A documentary challenging the orthodoxy surrounding people who work in the sex industry. Based on real Interviews with drama reconstruction. - Independently Produced.

A programme asking whether Radio One was wrong to dump its most valuable assets when Matthew Bannister fired a whole generation of dinosaur DJs. - North One - Channel 5.

A film focussing on a town in the American south called Allendale. Deserted by mainstream society it embodies a lot of the problems facing the United States today. - Independently Produced.

Hidden camera investigation into the shady world of ‘Crash for Cash’ C5 ITN Productions Oct – Nov 16

Back on Police Documentaries, this time the long established series, Traffic Cops. C5 Mentorn Media March – July 17

Titus resolved the structural issues of this newly formatted show, featuring two ‘Proposal Organisers’. Generating creative editing solutions to narrative problems. - Alaska TV - Lifetime.

Spin-off of the hugely successful ‘Gold Rush’ series. 1x episode, Raw Television - Discovery Channel.

Observational documentaries following the experiences of newly pregnant women. 3 x episodes - Nutopia - Sky Living.

Observational Documentary series Presented by Sir Trevor McDonald focusing on the work of police dealing with the many misdemeanours of Britain’s motorists. - Folio - Channel 5.

One hour of ITV’s highly rated ‘Cops with Cameras’. - ITV - ITV1.

Series followed the experiences of police officers working the West End of London. - Folio - Channel 5.

Three part observational series that following a compilation show of CCTV related crime stories. - Folio - Channel 5.

Observational documentary looking at what the police contend with on the night shift. Titus was integral in shaping the feel, structure and scripting of this new series. - Folio/Renegade - Sky One.

Re-cutting sequences of this popular documentary series. - Lion TV - Channel Four.

A series about the Manchester police first response units. Sky One / Mentorn Media.

These programmes followed the dating lives of single women in LA. - September Films - Sky One

Narrated by comic Iain Lee, 1 hr show catches the amazing and jaw dropping skills of talented and funny cats using clips and viral videos that have taken the internet by storm. - Channel Five - Mentorn Media

A pilot that featured the comic talents of Paul Kaye - Rapido TV.

3x 15’ episodes of a comedy pilot - Independently Produced

A third series of the successful UGC clip show, including ‘Puppies…’, ‘Cats…’, ‘Dogs…’, ‘Toddlers…’, ‘Monkeys…’ and ‘Penguins Make You LOL’. Also ‘Criminally Funny: Caught in the Act 2’ and ‘Dumb Drivers…’, ‘Daredevils…’ and ‘Builders: Caught in the Act’. C5, Mentorn Media

A pilot for a spin on the UGC clip show format.

Wag TV

Property show, fronted by Lucy Alexander for C4 Amazing Productions.

Titus re-structured stories, wrote scripts and edited this re-versioning of German magazine programme ‘Liebe Sünde’ - Bullseye TV - Bravo.

A top ten of dangerous drivers from around the world - Mentorn Media - Channel 5.

A series aimed at the American market involving repackaging of archive stories about the work of the British Traffic police - Folio - FOX.

Made for American TV, Share the Shame revels in true stories of real people’s most embarrassing moments - Tiger Aspect - LTC.

This series combines the amazing magical skills of three street magicians with surreal humour to create a new kind of magic show - Carlton Television - Sky One.

Presented by Jenny Powell, this glossy feel-good programme plucks people from their everyday lives and makes their dreams a reality - Prospect Pictures - ITV1

Titus cut the studio sections of this new series - Rapido Television - Sky One.

A series that explores the world of the paranormal; following Psychic Mia Dolan as she investigates reported sightings of mysterious figures and strange noises. - September Films - ITV2

Grub Smith presented this irreverent look at Rockstar excess. - Bravo.

Quentin Wilson tests three deserving competitors to discover who is Britain’s worst builder. - Mentorn - Channel 5.

House Auction follows those who buy and sell property at auction.- Tiger Aspect - Channel Four.

One hour and a half of the best of the cult 80’s music show. Presented by Antoine deCaunes. - Rapido Media - Canal+.

Completed two episodes of this show, featuring user-generated content themed around angry encounters. - Channel Five - Mentorn Media

Spoof light entertainment show specially commissioned for the Edinburgh Festival. - Channel 5

Under the scrutiny of three relationship professionals, four brave couples put themselves to the ultimate test when forced to confront the truth about their relationships. - Multicam series / Talkback Productions - Channel 4

A Late night look at the world of animation. - Illuminations - Channel 4

A reality game-show. - Tiger Aspect - Sky One.

A tribute to the late, great Keith Floyd - Cactus TV - BBC2

A cookery show exploring the culinary skills of Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers, as she travels around Mexico in search of new recipes. - Blink Films - Channel 5

hree very slick Christmas-themed Meringue recipes for Waitrose’s online TV channel - Waitrose TV - HotPot Pictures

A new daytime cooking format for channel four hosted by Simon Rimmer. Contestants have town their ingredients - Channel Four - Plum Pictures

Completed an episode of this well-established and finely tuned cooking show - Food Network - North Pacific Ltd.

Following in a day of scientific tests in Madrid viewers find out just what makes Christiano Ronaldo the player he is - Plum Productions - Sky Sports One.

Football show that tells the story of seasons from bygone years. - Zig Zag Productions - Sky One

A film about a little known sport called ‘Gutbarging’ and its entrepreneurial figurehead, Binkie Braithwaite. - Rapido Television - Channel 4

This eerie short film has subsequently been screened at several film festivals. - Independently Produced

Internal training video for the Radisson Hotel Group - CMCTV

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