Susan B.

Susan E Brand

Susan B. Editor (offline).

Susan is an experienced film editor and edit consultant for high quality television and authored documentaries. She edits landmark arts, science and history for the BBC, Channel 4 and other broadcasters, many of these programmes have won awards or been nominated. She worked for 6 years in New York editing for the big American broadcasters and Oscar nominated directors and producers. In the cutting room, her colleagues appreciate her calm demeanour and friendly can-do attitude.

Susan particularly enjoys working on challenging subjects helping make them accessible and enjoyable to large audiences. She is skilled in film narrative where she can help shape the story so viewers really connect. She has also edit consulted on documentaries for Netflix, Sky Arts and the Swedish public broadcaster, SVT.

She was a jury member for the Grierson awards in 2016, a director on the board of Women in Film and Television from 2013-2017 and a selector on the renowned pan-European feature documentary scheme DOK Incubator in 2017.

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1 x 60’ Dir. Petra Bauer

Working with artist filmmaker Petra Bauer on a Swedish/Scottish co-production. Content currently embargoed.

1 x 10 Dir. Alex Harron

This cinematic short is the story of a female motorcyclist who completes directly in competition with men and frequently wins first place. As a working class woman, she struggles to stay in this expensive sport.

1 x 60’ Dir. Jin Craven

Zakii Anwar is a Muslim artist who paints nudes. That’s pornography in his home country, Malaysia. Director, Jin Craven, hired Susan to help create a ‘Western’ sense of drive and momentum in this narrative of creative confrontation, while respecting her desire for strong mood and atmosphere.

2 x 60’ Dir. Srik Narayanan

Srik’s imaginative filming and powerful intellect provided me with a wealth of material. The result was two fascinating and entrancing films.

Theatrical release - Lincoln Center New York

1 x 90’ Dir. Vivek Bald

Vivek’s feature on the British Asian music scene in the 1990s is a compelling story of racism, creativity and rebellion. Structuring was the greatest challenge. I wanted the lively musicians and their personal stories to touch the audience, without watering down the powerful politics.

1 x 60’ Wall to Wall Television - Dir. Mark Bates

Cerys is a wonderful performer and gave huge emotional power to these poems of politics, rebellion and regional identity.

2 x 30’ Lion Television - Dir. Nic Young

I found the social history of Britain through two world wars very moving and edited each episode to bring out all the emotion against the background of a landscape we love so much.

NOMINATED – Best documentary series, Broadcast

1 x 60’ Dir. Robin Dashwood

A travelogue where Andrew Graham Dixon examines how the Islamic occupation of Spain influenced its art and architecture.

1 x 60m. Dir. Paul Tilzey

Dr. Janina Ramirez explores the birth of English Gothic.

1 x 60’ Dir Robin Dashwood

Jeremy Paxman weaves history with a period of art he’s not too fond

of, apart from Turner.

1 x 60’ Dir. Chris Holt

Brian Cox is a natural performer, generous with emotion. The challenge was pacing complex ideas to keep the audience absorbed in a difficult subject. I made full use of the beautiful imagery with strategic use of music where we received great critical acclaim.

2 x 60’ Keo Films - Dir. Claire Whalley

Adam Nicholson looks at the birth of mass literacy and the social, religious and political change this revolution of the pen generated.

1 x 30’ Dir. Mette Reitzel

Two female Hip Hop artists convert to Islam and attempt to take their music to a Muslim audience. This provocative and entertaining film was snapped up by Al Jazeera and garnered huge publicity in the national press.

1 x 60’

Here, VICE examines Venezuela, a country with 60% inflation and 500 murders a week. Susan cut to reveal the presenter’s humour and honest emotions in a sea of plastic surgery and beauty pageants that citizens use to find escape from their country’s woes.

1 x 30’ Dir. Susan Brand

I felt that gun-toting Orthodox Jews were over represented in TV items on Israel. I won a commission from the BBC to make a film which revealed the splits within Israel and a range of views in this troubled country.

1 X 30’ Dir. Elizabeth Jones

This film reveals the plight of termite infested and salt damaged pianos in Cuba. But really, its a film about the US trade embargo, where getting a new piano string is a nightmare.

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