Simon R.

Simon Richardson

Simon R. Editor (Offline / Online), Colourist.

Simon has been a regular freelance editor for MET Film Post based in Ealing Studios, Vintage TV, Motion Picture House (MPH), Threefold Films, Son of Sweeney Production House, Bigsmall, and Exposure Films, where he is a regular in-house editor for Disney Junior.

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a series on films celebrating the London Pride march. Firecracker Films. (Premiere off/online).

numerous ads for online use for Saatchi & Saatchi. MPH. (Premiere).

various Gary Linekar-related shenanigans. Threefold Films. (FCPX).

hundreds of videos for social media and the festival screens. Bigsmall. (Premiere off/online).

Phillip Bloom videos for Sony. Threefold Films. (FCPX offline).

official promotional video for C300 mkII. Threefold Films. (FCPX off/online).

a series of videos promoting Skype in the classroom. Son of Sweeney. (Premiere off/online).

various online ad campaign films. MPH. (Premiere offline).

various films for Visa’s “flow” campaign. MPH. (FCP offline).

various for “Life’s for Sharing” Campaign. MPH. (FCP offline).

internal videos. Bigsmall Productions. (Premiere off/online).

various online. Threefold Films. (FCPX offline).

various online. Threefold Films. (FCPX off/online).

installation videos. Exposure Films. (Premiere off/online).

30/15 sec TVCs, summer marketing campaign. MPH. (Premiere).

30/15 sec TVCs, featuring Jennifer Ellison and Kerry Katona. MPH. (FCP/Da Vinci Resolve off/online).

30 sec TVC, for Saatchi & Saatchi. MPH. (FCP offline).

60/30 sec TVC. MPH. (FCP offline).

30 sec TVC (Africa), for Saatchi & Saatchi. MPH. (FCP offline).

60/30 sec TVC, Angry Birds (Europe), for Saatchi & Saatchi. MPH. (FCP offline).

30 sec TVC. MPH. (FCP offline).

30 sec TVC, for Saatchi & Saatchi. MPH. (FCP)

a promotional video for the release of “Sunset Overdrive”. MPH. (FCP offline)

countless mood reels. (Premiere off/online)

a series of films pitching for GSK. MPH. (Premiere off/online)

1hr documentary exploring the impact of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. (FCP off/online)

Assorted work for Disney Junior, including TVCs for numerous shows, THE DESCENDANTS music video, online tutorials relating to THE LODGE, promoting merchandise for THE LION GUARD and DOC MCSTUFFINS and various pieces of online promotion relating to the STAR WARS franchise.

comedy pilot featuring Hannah Spearitt, directed by Aisling Knight. (FCPX off/online).

Kitchen cook-off campaign. Threefold Films. (Premiere off/online)

various foodie films for the restaurant group. Queen of Extreme. (FCPX off/online)

numerous fashion shows and online material for the brand. Threefold Films. (FCPX offline)

various online promotional material. Threefold Films. (FCPX offline)

various online. Son of Sweeney. (Premiere/FCP offline)

in store and online advert for the clothing brand. Threefold Films. (FCPX offline)

feature film which Simon directed, released by Left Films 2017.

feature film directed by Mike Doxford (which Simon also co-wrote), released by Metrodome in 2014.feature film which Simon directed, released by Left Films 2017.

various online films. Son of Sweeney. (Premiere offline)

Official music video for Disney’s Pete’s Dragon. Exposure Films. (Premiere on/offline)

Countless others (unsigned) for MPH. (FCP/Premiere)

several broadcast performances for Vintage. (Premiere off/online)

Directed by Karen Wilson

directed by Kate Cheeseman. (FCP offline)

various promotional films for the famous golfing tour. MPH. (FCP offline)

assorted performances. The Whealhouse. (FCP off/online)

DVD of a performance at the Hackney Empire. (FCP offline)

Simon R.'s Software Skills

Simon is an advanced user of premiere pro cc

Simon is an advanced user of Final Cut Pro 7

Simon is an advanced User of Final Cut Pro X

Simon is an intermediate user of After Effects CC

Simon is an advamced user of DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio

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