Simon F.

Simon F. Creative Editing, Editor (Offline / Online), Animator, Audio Editor, Compositor, Camera Operator, Designer, Motion Graphic Designer.

Simon has over 10 years experience as an editor and after effects op working across advertising and documentary. A multi disciplinarian, he is proficient in editing, graphic design, animation and sound mixing. Organised and easy going under pressure, Simon always brings creativity and a unique approach to making stand out work

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1x11min documentary. Sky customers visit Hawaii to learn about the plastic crisis. One Green Bean London (PREMIERE Online/AFX Titles & compositing)

5x60sec covering UK food truck tour and events. Havas London. (PREMIERE offline)

1x6min documentary on the creation of the Lexus hoverboard. CHI&Partners London (PREMIERE Online)

5x various lengths. Content serious on various aspects of the Lexus Slide story. CHI&Partners London (PREMIERE Online)

1x60sec Mixed media summary of the year. (PREMIERE Online/AFX animation/LOGIC PRO X Sound design & mix)

12x60sec mini docs about a muslim female rapping duo, a blind MMA fighter and a human canon ball for Carphone Warehouse's 'Do Your Own Thing' campaign. CHI&Partners London. (PREMIERE online)

4x60sec mini docs about the muslim female rapping duo, Poetic Pilgrimage to promote Carphone Warehouse new package. CHI&Partners London. (PREMIERE online)

1x60sec selected young designers' journey to London fashion week. Droga5 London (PREMIERE Online/AFX Titles/LOGIC PRO X Sound design & mix)

1x60sec documentary on graphic novel artist Dave Gibbons. (PREMIERE Online/AFX animation)

1x60sec Call to sign up to Peroni's creator series. Droga5 London (PREMIERE Online/AFX compositing/LOGIC PRO X Sound design & mix)

Various lengths. Suite of clips, short edits and promotional material from 5 years of TAWAI rushes. Quest Productions. (PREMIERE Online)

1x3min Gilles Peterson short documentary. Sonny London (PREMIERE additional editor)

1x60sec spot for Virgin Money Giving race sponsorship. CHI&Partners London. (PREMIERE online)

1x3min doc on artist Dan Tobin Smith for UBS. Publicis London. (PREMIERE online)

1x60sec promoting the Depaul Box Company. Publicis London. (PREMIERE online)

1x60sec TVC promoting the Wimbledon Championships. Mccann London. (PREMIERE Online)

4x15sec TVC's promoting the childrens science experiments on Y&R London. (PREMIERE Offline)

1x30s TVC's promoting the Dacia Sandero. Publicis London. (PREMIERE Offline)

1x2min trailer for TAWAI the movie. Quest Productions. (PREMIERE Online)

1x2min trailer for feature documentary. Lyoness Productions. (PREMIERE Online)

1x8min documentary on the response to the plastic crisis in Kenya. Droga5 for National Geographic (PREMIERE Online/AFX Titles & compositing)

1x3min documentary on the 80 year old female free divers of Jeju-do. Borderland Studios (PREMIERE Online/AFX Titles/LOGIC PRO X Composition)

4x15sec TVC's promoting the childrens science experiments on Y&R London. (PREMIERE Offline)

1x9min Narrative short film. Borderland Studios (PREMIERE Online/AFX Titles/LOGIC PRO X Composition & Sound mix)

Simon F.'s Software Skills

Simon is an advanced Premiere Pro Editor.

Simon used AFX to an advanced level.

Simon uses Photoshop to an advanced level.

Simon is an experienced Illustrator operator.

Simon is an experienced Indesign user.

Simon uses DVR to an intermediate level.

Simon uses Logic to an advanced level.

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