Seb L.

Seb L. Editor (Offline / Online).

Seb is a highly experienced and professional editor who has worked on diverse projects for almost a decade. Television, promos, digital and corporate - from training videos for postmen to a Grammy nominated music documentary, fantastic delivery marks him out as an editor to be relied on. With strong technical skills and creative flair, even the most problematic edits turn into wonderful films. Though more than happy to tackle any project, Seb’s experience and passions mean that he is particularly suited to music, fashion, sports, reality, documentary projects & as Seb is a great cook he knows how to best to visually present a recipe, so he also really enjoys working on cookery shows. Seb conveniently has a client friendly suite at home running all the major NLEs.

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1 x 60 min documentary with live interviews + Archive footage spanning 20 yrs. Aurora Media / ITV4 (Offline)

1 x 60min documentary about a man living with a disfiguring skin condition and his attempts to find a cure. Discovery / Sequence (Online)

1 x 30 min history documentary. Sky Sports / Aurora Media (Offline)

1 x 30 min documentary part of a Grammy-nominated DVD. JJ Stereo / Island Music (Offline)

1 x 90 mins VT misc editing for the weekly televisual hangover cure. Cactus TV / BBC1 (Offline & Online)

26 x 20 min. A new quirky cookery show documenting London’s food culture. Fresh One for London Live (Offline)

6 x 3 min series of wine tasting films with Saturday Kitchen’s Olly Smith. On Broadcast. (Offline)

22 x 30 min cooking series - Channel 4 / Infinite Media (Offline)

12 x 20 min Travelogue/Cookery show with John Torode going on a voyage of culinary discovery in Malaysia – Cactus TV / UKTV Goodfood (Offline)

10 x 45 min football entertainment show. Expected global audience of 20-50+ million. Aurora Media / Guinness / Various African & global networks. (Avid, Offline)

2 x 60 min magazine show on America’s Cup yachting series. Sky Sports 3 / Global (Offline)

1 x 60 min dance shows covering various music festivals (Offline & Online)

1 x 60 min MTV Dance Weekly 60min magazine show about dance music (Offline & Online)

1 x 30 min music magazine show. Channel 4 + global / Fastlane (Offline)

6 x4 mins VTs for the 2013 Mercury Music Prize Award Show. C4/4Music (Offline)

Music video for Japanese artist. (Director/Editor/Colourist)

“Boys Will Be Boys” music video for Mexico’s best-selling artist. (Offline)

Winter at the Seams – Music video for London post-punk outfit. (DoP/Editor)

Slow Club live performance & Live music studio multicam (Offline)

“All Them Witches” music video. MTV play listed music video (Director & Offline & Colourist)

1 x 60 mins Multicam full concert edit. JJ Stereo (Offline)

5 x 10 mins VTs for awards screens. Tour Screeners – Fast Lane (Offline)

1 x 15 mins video content for special edition album. JJ Stereo (Offline)

VTs for hotel screens - JJ Stereo

“That Number” music video MTV play listed (Director, Offline & Colourist)

East West Connection music video Shot outdoors in manic circumstances (Director, Offline & Colourist)

Inner party system & multicam live club performance (Offline)

Various viral and live edits of behind the scenes, tour footage, etc (Offline)

Standard artist EPKs - JJ Stereo (Offline)

BBC2 Studio interstitials for morning youth programming (Offline)

1 x 2 min promo in Paris for a corporate launch. SixPR (Director, Offline & Colourist)

1 x 3 mins Bowtime Bar festival promo film Inc live music and interviews (Offline)

1 x 90 sec behind the scenes of a creative foodie photo shoot. MissionPR (Director, Offline & Colourist)

1 x 60 sec Channel 4 / CC-Lab promo for C4’s Rock Corps (Offline)

6 x 60 sec series of promo films to promote the Nike football ethos pre-WC2014. AKQA /Archers Mark (Offline & Colourist)

2 x 60 sec promos for Samsung’s new phone. Hogarth (Offline)

1 x 3 mins to promote Sodexo’s hospitality at Ascot racecourse. Sodexo / Sequence Post (Offline)

3 x 3 min series of short films to promote suppliers of a new restaurant. Jago Partners (Editor, Colourist)

2 x 5 mins promo videos documenting the FIFA Interactive World Cup. Sharkfin Productions (Offline)

1 x 2 min promo video for West End stage musical (Offline)

1 x 15 mins coverage of the Olympic torch relay in Aberdeen. Take3 Productions (Offline)

1 x 90 sec Bridal lookbook promo (Editor, Colourist)

1 x 90 sec promo for Nike’s new football boot. AKQA / Archers Mark (Editor, Colourist)

1 x 30 sec Nickelodeon (Offline)

Footage from the Women’s football World Cup FIFA/Sharkfin TV (Offline)

3 x 3 min editorial content – featuring top chefs Michel Roux jnr, Tom Kitchen, Emilia Fox and the Hemsley Sisters. Cactus/C4 online (Offline)

Dolce & Gabbana launch party Celeb interviews and glamorous party footage

1 x 2min Naomi Campbell interview and editorial shoot (Director, Offline & Colourist)

Backstage at Victoria’s Secret show (Director, Offline & Colourist)

3 x 2 min interviews Tied in with new C4 show “The Interns” (Director, Offline & Colourist)

8 x 3 min interviews & Autumn/Winter 2013 trends film (Director, Offline & Colourist)

8 x 3 min London Fashion Week coverage. (Director, Offline & Colourist)

1 x 1 min Summer sandals film – editorial film with shoes in it (Director, Offline & Colourist)

4 x 2-4 min short interviews with designers as part of on-site promotions (Director, Offline & Colourist)

2 x 60 sec creative shoot promoting Harrods’ food and fashion (Avid, Director, Offline & Colourist)

7 x 1 min films showing highlights from the events (Director, Offline & Colourist)

Dolce & Gabbana launch party Celeb interviews and glamorous party footage (Director, Offline & Colourist)

Pitch for Shell/Ferrari motorsport coverage. PRISM/Shell/Sequence Post

Pitch for EPL football magazine show for various African networks. Aurora Media

Pitch for new satellite and online channel for Ferrari. North One TV

Short film demonstrating a proposed ‘Meerbot’. Albion (Filming/Editing)

Mood reels for brand pitch. Publicis Advertising

Mood/Style guide film for all Holiday ’17 football content, distributed to all Nike’s content partners. Nike/AKQA/Archers Mark

3 x 30 sec advertorial branded content created to lead viewers online to watch branded films (see digital, below). Cactus TV/C4 (Offline)

10 x 30 sec hi-res Series of short commercials to promote Jägermeister’s new drink (Offline)

10 x 20 sec & 1 x 3 mins ads with football starts to promote Nike’s Pro Genius app. Archers Mark/AKQA (Offline & Colourist)

1 x 2 min fundraising ad for abused children. Archers Mark (Colourist)

10 x 30 sec Fundraising ad for childrens’ charity. FCB Inferno (Finishing Editor)

3 x 15 sec social media ads. AMV BBDO (Offline)

1 x 30 sec TVC. JJ Stereo (Offline)

1 x 90 sec trailer for critically acclaimed West End musical revival. SteamUK (Offline)

6 x 3 min Installation videos for washing machines, fridges and dishwashers. Exposure Films (Offline)

3 x 5 min Maverick/Unit Post Presenter-led interviews, company ethos etc (Offline)

1 x 3 min. The best barmen in the world share knowledge and create the perfect Martini (Offline)

1 x 60 sec promo starring Jenson Button & Mika Hakkinen to discourage drunk driving. Firecracker Films (Offline)

8 x 2 min company ethos videos with GB Olympic hopefuls including interviews with Olympians past and present. PRISM/Sequence Post (Offline)

1 x 60 min Cast and crew DVD box set interviews for NBC/Sky’s new blockbuster TV series. With behind the scenes footage and stories of what makes the show unique PMA Productions (Offline)

2 x 3 min films documenting life in the Nike academy, including visits from star players, training masterclasses and international tour matches. Around 15 films over the years. Nike/Archers Mark (Offline & Colourist)

1 x 20 min film extrapolating key messages and visions. Mediacom/ThirtyFiveSizzle (Offline)

2 x 2 min behind the scenes shoot for Leeds property developer. Bostock & Pollitt (Offline & Colourist)

Sponsor film using footage from the FIFA World Cup (Offline)

1 x 3 min detailing the build and development of Bombay Sapphire’s new gin distillery. Fellow Productions (Offline)

1 x 2 min New products press launch event. Sharkfin TV (Offline)

4 x 60 sec Autumn/Winter trends Seasonal highlights videos from the shows (Offline)

1 x 60 sec stunt car driving and celebrity dancing. Sharkfin TV (Offline)

3 x 2 min short Football films series. Nike/Archers Mark (Editor & Colourist)

1 x 60 sec Munderbar! Highlights package of Casio F1 sponsorship (Offline)

Seb L.'s Software Skills

Seb is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline and Online Editor.

Seb is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline and Online Editor.

Seb uses After Effects to enhance his own work.

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