Russell K.

Russell K

Russell K. Editor (offline).

In the last 10 years Russell has worked across all formats of post-production, balancing prime time editing jobs for broadcast with smaller full-service branded content/digital online projects as editor, writer, filming and music composition.

Having started out as a short-form TV commercials and promo editor for ad agencies, he went on to develop a taste for long-form editing for the likes of: BBC, Channel 4, BSkyB, Channel 5 and Cinema.

Russell has extensive knowledge of video effects and is highly proficient at audio track-laying, music-mixing and taking all these through to the on-line stage. His hands on approach has led to his involvement in all aspects of film production often contributing to creative ideas and writing with directors/producers as projects have progressed.

During his career he has had the honour of working with many leading commercials and features directors (Franc Roddam, Robert Dowling, Stuart Urban, Aasaf Ainapore, Iain McKenzie, Storm Thorgerson, Neil French, Dick Pope) and with acclaimed producers (Adam Alexander, BAFTA winner Bradley Adams and Columbia’s Dean Hargrove).

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Worked as part of the team that created and built the Masterchef brand plus ‘Junior Masterchef’ – BBC1, Union Pictures (Editing)

A group of girls are sent on holiday to Sitges (Spain’s gay seaside capital) where they create fun, drama and mayhem in equal measure. C4, Christmas TV and Film (Editing)

A disturbing, but occasionally amusing story about women’s drinking habits and the perils of mixing alcohol and pregnancy. C4, Christmas TV and Film (Editing)

7 part historical edited in Edinburgh. Combination of interview, voiceover, archive and reconstruction. Plus extensive sound effects search and mixing. C5, Talkback. (Editing)

50 minute ‘meetings’ with the Chavs with contributions from Tracy Emin and other celebs. C4, Christmas TV and Film (Editing)

50 minute. Karen from Essex plans the reunion which doesn’t turn out as she planned. C4, Christmas TV and Film (Editing)

5 parts of a 12x30 min BBC series on the Royal Botanical Gardens. – BBC Bristol production (5 months) (Edited on location, camera work and direction)

Feature-film length satirical story about the invasion of the Falklands. BBC, Union Pictures (Editing / Sound Mix)

60 min drama reconstruction filmed in Egypt, of Carter’s and Lord Carnarvon’s possibly dubious discovery and opening of the famous tomb. C5, Richard Craske production (Editing)

6x30min comedy-based quiz show which features celebs questioned on sex and sexuality. C5, Christmas TV and Film (Multi Cam Editing)

Concert edited in Vienna for CBS. (Editing)

10 camera shoot. (Editing)

Promo films for large London choir. (Editing)

Concert editor and hand-held camera. (Editing /Filming)

Electronic press kit, interviews and concerts. (Editing)

Stylised versions of his UK lectures (Editing/Audio)

Role-play educational film. (Multi Cam Editing/Audio/Filming)

Variety of films for this major energy company. (Editing/Filming/Audio) countrywide projects, exhibitions etc.

Event and product films for renowned SFX company. (Editing/Filming/Audio)

Promotional film for Chicago based golf manufacturing franchise. Striking Media (Editing/Filming)

Top Gear’ style track-day films for race company. (Multi-cam Editing).

Opera at the Roman Baths for DVD. Bristol News (Multi Cam Editing/Filming)

Russell K.'s Software Skills

Russell is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro Editor

Russell is a highly experienced Avid Media Composer Editor

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