Robert A.

Robert Alon-Monks

Robert A. Editor (Offline / Online).

Robert is a highly experienced, non-linear offline and online editor, using Avid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and having a vast knowledge of the complete range. Able to work as part of a team, or independently, to produce superior broadcast and corporate programmes. Throughout his career Robert has worked on a diverse range of programmes including dramas, soaps, documentaries, factuals, corporate and music videos for all the main broadcasters, as well as setting up several new edit suites for various companies. He has a great eye for detail and the ability to 'tell the story to the audience’.

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UK drama set in Albert Square, London - BBC

UK drama set in Salford, Manchester - ITV

Daily soap that follows the loves, lives and misdemeanours of a group of people living in the Chester village of Hollyoaks - Channel 4

12, 30" episodes of the daytime soap set in a doctor’s surgery - BBC

160+ 30min episodes, Long-running British soap opera set in Emmerdale, a fictional village in the Yorkshire Dales. - ITV

20+ 90 mins episodes of the well-loved detective television series starring David Jason - ITV

5 episodes of this gritty police drama starring Robson Green and Hermione Norris - ITV

50+ 60min episodes of this television police drama series set in 1960s Yorkshire. - ITV

50+ episodes. A drama based in Yorkshire set around a doctor’s surgery - ITV

4 episodes of a drama about sex counselling, written by Kaye Mellor - ITV

Martin Clunes plays serial killer John George, the ‘Acid bath Killer’ - ITV

2 episodes of a psychological thriller, starting with an anonymous email received by Carol (played by Amanda Redman) claiming her husband Mark, played by Adrian Dunbar was having an affair with his secretary. - ITV

20+ episodes of a hospital drama series set in Whitby, Yorkshire. - ITV

The Ghost Squad stars Elaine Cassidy as Amy Harris, a young and idealistic undercover detective whose work soon becomes a sinister and violent journey of discovery.

15 episodes (4 Series) of the black comedy about a family winning the lottery - ITV

The Isle of Man TT is the most dangerous race in the world. Since its inception 237 riders have died trying to tame its narrow country lanes. On May 30th 2000, pub landlord Joey Dunlop won the race for a staggering 26th time. He had made this dice with death his own. - ITV 4

In 1977 French motorcyclist Thierry Sabine was in serious trouble, lost in the Libyan Desert and dying from thirst. Whilst most men would weep and think back over their lives, Thierry thought about coming back - to do a rally across the Sahara Desert. The 9000km Paris-Dakar, the world's craziest race, was born. - BBC4

A one-off documentary visiting the lives of four different ‘shop-a-holics’ and looking at the considerable debt each of the individuals were in - as a result of spending on credit cards. The programme also looked at how they were going to pay off the debt. - ITV

The amazing story of painter & decorator Howard Walmsley, who pretended to his wife, family & friends that he’d won £8.9 million on the lottery. He got away with his whopper for nine months until the law caught up and he was thrown into jail for three years. - ITV

A series of three programmes following a church in Doncaster and how the new priest attempted to raise attendances by employing a marketing company he sets out to make church fashionable, by introducing ‘church lite’ an easy going, cut-down church service. - BBC

A one hour talking head documentary allowing the public to vote on whether or not they want the Spice Girls back. Interviews inter-cut with archive.

A 1 hour programme in a series of 4 looking at the history of costume drama. This episode focusing on love and sex within the storylines. Talking head interviews inter cut with archive. - ITV 3

A one off documentary about the fire that destroyed York Minister. - ITV

A one-off 30 min documentary about Harewood House in Yorkshire. Observing the preparations for a function being held at the house that evening. - ITV

A one-off documentary about the running of Teesport in Newcastle. Following customs, we see the day-to-day troubles a customs officer has to face, from illegal imports to people- smuggling! - ITV

An observational documentary following the LA Swat Department in the US. Footage from actual SWAT raids inter-cut with mission setups and after-thoughts.

An observational documentary based in Benidorm in Spain. Looking at the lives of people trying to make ends meet in a very competitive environment. From people living in caravans to people trying to find an apartment the show captures all the excitement, and the pain, of everyday life. Blakeway North.

A TV show first, structured reality series E4’s Party House captures the essence of all of this, as each week a different group of friends are given the keys to an empty mansion and 24 hours to throw the party to end all parties – each with their own reason for doing so. Memories are made, emotions run high and relationships are healed and broken, as in each episode a high-octane dramatic narrative unfolds. - E4

A Spin off of ‘The Only Way is Essex. Following the next generation of Liverpudlians determined to show the UK just what they're all about. Behind the blonde hair, 'Scouse eyebrows', football matches and club nights are real guys and girls determined to make a name for themselves, work hard and achieve a dream no matter how big or small. - E4

The fashion series that shows you how to look fantastic with your clothes on or off no matter what your body shape – and all without a surgeon's scalpel in sight. Gok Wan shows you how to work with what you’ve got to look fantastic, whether fully clothed or totally naked. C4

20 Inserts (2 series). Channel 4's annual celebration of unmissable TV. Clips from the past year are looked at and the best TV treat for the previous year is voted for by the public. With talking head interviews from celebrities as well as archive material. - C4

C4 Prime time makeover show presented by Myleene Class. Contributors in need of TLC are handed over to Myleene and her team to make them look ten years younger with sugary of new makeup. - C4

Talking Head 1 hr show. Celebrities talk about ghostly experiences at some point in the life - From the makers of Most Haunted with Yvette Fielding.

8 episodes, A look at what goes wrong when people book holidays, from sewerage in a pool to being booked into a hedonism hotel. - ITV

3 episodes. A similar programme to Holidays From Hell, people booking holidays which go disastrously wrong. Talking head interviews cut together with video footage. - ITV

4 Inserts. A series following the lives of four families each one wanting to start a new life in the south of Spain. Two families were setting up big business in Spain while the other two were just setting off and hoping to find work when they got there. Interviews and actuality cut together. - ITV

80 + episodes. Popular game show hosted by the late Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman and subsequently hosted by Des Lynam.

Full series of this game show hosted by Matthew Kelly where celebrities had to go back into the past and remember old television and music from clues given to them in the form of video clips and sound bites.

A brutal feat of endurance, Ninja Warrior sees a group of competitor’s battle through four gruelling rounds as they attempt to be crowned a true champion.

35 Inserts, A celebration of the greatest albums ever made. A countdown to the public’s favourite songs and reveals why and how each album came about, with talking heads from celebrities and archive material. - C4

Gino D'Acampo is on a mission to prove that "There's No Taste Like Home". He is helping three home cooks re-create a fantastic family recipe in a professional kitchen for paying diners. The winning dish, judged by Gino, will have the honour of staying on the restaurant's menu for an entire month from the date the show airs. - ITV

12 episodes, two teams compete to find hidden treasure in a jungle. Tasks have to be completed and problems solved to unlock time in the final maze where prizes can be won. - ITV

12 epsisodes. Kids educational programme made with puppets. We follow four forest animals on a journey of discovery around the world. - ITV

A magical picture-book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child’s imagination. It is a place that is inhabited by a diverse community of toys that care for each other unconditionally. - Ragdoll TV / BBC


A Spin off of Sesame Street where the characters from the show work in a hotel in the UK

Full Series. An explosive children’s programme where experiments are undertaken in a fun fashion in search of scientific answers. - ITV

A corporate video, which was played at the International Business Convention held in Yorkshire, with guest speaker USA president Bill Clinton among the line-up.

VT Inserts. A series of interviews and ‘docu-soap’ style VT inserts for the RTS Cambridge Convention hosted by John Whiston.

A film commissioned by the Director of ITV productions for the re launch of ITV, to be shown to investors and ITV executives.

ITV internal promo for the Director of ITV Productions - John Whiston.

For John Whiston to show investors and analysts all the drama commissioned by ITV

To show investors and analysts the type of programmes being made by the Arts and Features department.

ITV’s Chairman Charles Allen for the Australian arm of ITV.

A tape to celebrate the success of ITV at the soap awards.

Tape that was shown to city analysts for ITV.

A montage for John Whiston that was shown in a meeting about drama content.

Internet promos for the ITV website to include:-

Prime Suspect

Housewife 49


City Lights

Presented at a party to celebrate 4000 successful episodes of Emmerdale.

Robert A.'s Software Skills

Robert is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro X Offline Editor.

Robert is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline Editor.

Robert is a highly experienced Avid Offline Editor.

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