Richenda W.

Richenda W. 3D Generalist, 3D Animator, Designer.

Richenda is an experienced character Animator, Animation Supervisor, Lead Animator and performance animation; she enjoys working collaboratively and in a team.

She works well under pressure and to deadline, with excellent written and verbal communications. She is reliable and hard-working and able to adapt to all working conditions. Richenda is keen to learn and develop new skills/software to enhance her animation performance. She has a drama background and acting skills for character performance as well as a background in traditional animation.

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Lead animator for a photo-real fly and two flying fighting peregrine falcons for the latest film directed by award winning Emir Kusturica (Maya)

Senior animator for a sci-fi movie animating Robots (Maya).

Previsualised the stunt sequences for a multitude of characters for Marvel Studios, including animation of Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America etc including set up of cameras real and hand-held (Maya).

Character animator for singing and dancing penguins using XSI - Animal Logic. Oscar and BAFTA Winner.

Lead animator for the beast using the helix animation system. Duties included pre-production character development.

Senior animator for the harpies

Animator for Blawp, monkey-type character

Pre-visualisation of World War I dog-fight battle sequence of bi-planes in aerial combat - Maya

Flintstones movie - Lead animator for remote-control bird. Small production. All shots used in the UK trailer

Weta Digital/animator for robots, key-frame animation using Maya and incorporating motion-capture when needed using Weta’s in-house mocap software.

Oscar Nomination

Put together a small team and animated a series of commercials for Whiteleys Shopping Centre/ using Maya. Duties also included texturing and rendering

Freelance Maya animator for commercials in London and Europe. Responsible for the animation aspect of the projects.

Lead animator using Maya and helix for a cheeky cat and a hip hop dancing sheep. Produced other character-based in-house R&D tests at this time.

Senior character animator, instantly recognisable and constantly copied campaign. Two more campaigns commissioned after its huge success. - Won Leaf award

Senior character animator for the worms - Leaf award nomination

Character animator for a number of festive Christmas Bingo Balls (Maya).

Animated photo-realistic creatures and characters for a variety of commercials (Maya).

Animated these two popular characters for a gas and electricity supplier (Maya).

Animation Supervisor and Animator - For a 52 part, 6 minute animated TV series for the BBC. Developing and animating all the characters, hiring and leading a team of 9 animators, turning around an episode every 7 and a half days. XSI software - Annix Studios

Team lead and Animator - Character TV series for pre-school.

Animation Supervisor and animator - Character TV series. Responsible for setting up a team of animators. Liaising closely with the directors and developing characters and pipelines for the series. - Pineapple Squared Entertainment.

Pilot. Part of a small team producing a well received pilot for a full CG feature film. Character animator of a frog and small worm.

Senior character and performance Animator/including R&D on helix; The in-house real-time performance and animation system.

Universal Project 20, 4k stereoscopic show, animator and performance animator for aquatic characters including fish and clams. The most successful attraction at Universal’s Osaka Theme Park

Animator for dragons

Animator for the dragon sequence

Senior animator using Maya, involving pre-production creature character development of a giant sea-creature

Created all the animation for an educational game for the iPhone and iPad from the TV series created by Nickelodeon (Maya).

Created all the animation of the puppies for the iPhone and iPad for this popular TV series made by Nickelodeon (Maya)

Full-time position using alias - Soho 601

Pyramint four years experience in traditional animation working on commercials in London. Companies include Tandem Films, Felix films, Roar Talent, Limelight and others. Commercials include. And films flatworld (Dan Grieves), the thief (Richard Williams).

Animated characters and incorporated mocap for a game trailer (Maya).

Digi Guys Animator/using XSI.

Animator on short film about a house share with two lizards - Maya

Animated the visuals for Paul McCartney’s 2013 US Tour for songs from the Sgt Peppers Album - Maya

Pyramint four years experience in traditional animation working on commercials in London. Companies include Tandem Films, Felix films, Roar Talent, Limelight and others. Commercials include. And films flatworld (Dan Grieves), the thief (Richard Williams)

Full-time Computer Animator - Using Softimage

The Moving Picture Company, full-time computer animator using alias. Working on character animation and effects for film, commercials and idents.

Soho 601 - Full-time position using alias

Fountain Television / Freelance computer animator working for.

Short listed for a 2D animated short film about Aids

Richenda W.'s Software Skills

Richenda is a highly experienced Maya Generalist and Animator.

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