Nigel D.

Nigel Davies

Nigel D. Editor (offline).

Starting out at the BBC, Nigel learnt the tricks of the trade as a film edit assistant and soon went to work in USA as a commercials editor.

Specialising in Avid, he is a familiar face in some of the UK’s biggest post houses having regularly worked on some of the UK’s biggest drama series including Eastenders, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks. After 15 years in the game Nigel has a confidence and technical knowledge that is a valuable resource to have on any project.

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C5 - 1x 60’ - Documentary featuring some of the UK’s most unashamedly excessive spending.

C5 - 8 x 60’ - Clinica Benidorm team Sun, Sea and Surgery

C&I, 8 x 60’ - Shocking true life crime series

20x 60’ - STYLE Channel – Documentary following obese children at Wellspring Academy

C&I, 8 x 60’ - Shocking true life crime series

ITV - 1x 60’ Manhunt violent life and death of Raoul Moat.

C5 - Looking at romances from Hell how women were conned.

ITV - 12x 60’ - Mark Durden-Smith, Johnny Maitland find the faults that make holidays dangerous and life threatening.

1x 60 - ITV Insight into Victoria Beckham’s life.


1x60’ - C4 - Sex Trade in Thailand

1x60’ – ITV - Thunderbirds

ITV - 8 x 60’ Trails and tribulations of several big days.

8x50’ - ITV Behind the scenes M6 Police

1x4 60 – ITV - Documentary about 24 hr Lawnmower Race.

8x50 - ITV - Life as a Paratrooper

8x 50 - ITV - Drama - Doc

1x60 - ITV - Science/Weather with Richard Madeley

1x 50’ – C4 - Drugs in Trinadad

ITV - 10 x30 - Children’s drama - Will Mellor voices a talking dog that befriends young girl in a new family.

ITV - 1, x 60 - comedy drama - John Bird & John Fortune witty satirical comedy

ITV - 12x 60 - Katie Puckrik presents

ITV1 - 8x50’ – Celebrity trainees cutting it, in the Salon.

VTs - ITV - All the big named Soap actors battle out singing completion.

ITV1 - 6x 60 - Children’s dance show.

ITV - 10 x 60’ - Shocking antics of Club 18 – 30 in Falaraki, Greece

ITV1 - 8x 60’ - Hedonism in Jamaica

10 X10 – BBC1 Insert seqs

8x50 - ITV1 Asian magazine show

12x 50 - ITV1 House styling show

ITV1 - Daytime with Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan

10x50 – BBC1 - Travel show

1X60 - ITV1 - List Show

10x15’ – CBBC - A look back at each of the characters

52 x50 – SKY - Quiz show

50x 30 - ITV1 - Daytime TV.

TVC - Shoe campaign

Hispanic market

Egyptian butter ad

Shift-Work is a 1991 LP by the British rock band the Fall

Get back filmed on the roof at ITV Liverpool, Video cut for ‘This Morning’ - Judy & Richard Finnigan

10x30: ITV1: Hilarious home videos

Promotional video

Award giving ceremony


1x20: Short drama about Janitor takes over client’s identity. No Production Company.

Nigel D.'s Software Skills

Nigel is a highly experienced Avid Offline Editor.

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