Michael J.

Michael J. Editor (Offline / Online).

Michael is an FCP & Premiere offline & online editor who is also adept with AFX; much of his work centres on advertising, virals and corporates and he is very proud to have previously worked with high profile clients such as British Airways and Shell.

Well organised and extremely easy to get on with, he is the perfect choice for large projects which need an extra special personal touch.

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Neo Coin Review

Health & Safety Film

Health & Safety, AKT

Various Trailers

8th Day

Great Days Out, Leo Burnett


Testimonials, GED

Health & Safety, AKT

Sponsorship Film

Health & Safety, AKT

On Location Editor - AKT

Berkeley Homes

BBC America

Health & Safety Film - AKT

Health & Safety Film - AKT

Blow Creative

Health & Safety Film - AKT

Health & Safety Film - AKT

Health & Safety Film - AKT

Romans Group

Telford House

Blow Creative

Romans Group

The Garden/Channel 5 1x60’ Prime Time Ob – Doc series following 20 people who are set the task of living like their a stone-age ancestors for eight weeks in the wilderness.


Infinite Nudes, Blow Creative

Interview, GED

Launch Video, GED

Live Stream - Google

Viral - GED

Viral - Portal

Live Stream

Live Stream - On Location Editor

Behind the scenes - GED

E-Learning Video - Kenexa

eLearning films - Pearson Publishing

1 x 45’ The story of the Samuels family and their yacht, Britannia. We follow Sam Samuels as he tells us the story of how he bought Britannia at a time when his family was just starting. He brought up his family on the boat whilst rebuilding it and restoring it to it’s former glory. However, through misfortune they had to give up the boat to a charity. We go on to find out how they reclaimed the yacht and what their hopes for the future are. A mix of present day on-location interviews with archive footage. Commissioned by Britannia Sailing Trust.

1 x 50’ This is the story of Steve Clarke Lens and his 4000 mile journey from Greece across the Mediterranean sea, down the river Nile and into the heart of Egypt - all done in a small Wayfarer boat, no bigger than a dinghy. A mix of present day interviews and archive footage filmed over the journey. Commissioned by Steve Clarke Lens.

Michael J.'s Software Skills

Michael is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline and Online Editor.

Michael is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline and Online Editor.

Michael is an experienced After Effects Artist.

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