Mellissa L.

Mellissa Lo

Mellissa L. Editor (offline).

Proficient in Avid, Premiere Pro and FCP 7, Mellissa is a highly organised and dedicated editor, with an acute eye and sharp ear that can help elevate a project to the highest calibre. She is most skilled in short-form, trailer/promo and commercial work, but is also experienced in longer forms of editing and is looking to be a part of more feature and TV series length productions.

With a natural instinct for storytelling, Mellissa is an award-winning editor that has shown creativity and imagination in her work on viral campaigns for films like Academy Award-winning documentary, ‘Amy’ and high profile clients such as HBO, Netflix and Universal.

Having always had a passion for narratives, she is fascinated in how a story can have the ability to resonate within an audience; to evoke emotion, inspiration and even influence change. It is her ambition to be a part of more projects that achieve these connections.

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International Trailer, Vertigo Films (Editor).

Series Trailer. HBO Europe & HBO Czech Republic (Editor)

Internal New Season Trailer, HBO (Editor).

Worldwide Teaser Trailer and TV Campaign, Altitude Films (Editor).

*Winner: Screen Awards Trailer of the Year 2015 & 4 x Golden Trailer Nominee

International Teaser Trailer, Icon Films (Editor).

Golden Trailer 2016 Nominee, Vertigo Films (Editor).

Series Trailer, HBO Europe & HBO Romania (Editor).

International Trailer, Soda Pictures (Editor).

Series Trailer, HBO Europe & HBO Poland (Editor).

Trailer & Sales Promo, Vertigo Films (Editor). *Golden Trailer 2015 Nomine

Roundhouse Concert Trailer, Vitamin Water / Crown Management (Editor).

Worldwide Trailer, Drafthouse Films (Editor). *Golden Trailer 2015 Nominee

Worldwide Trailer, Wildside & Radiant Films International (Editor).

in production Cannes Promo, Cornerstone Pictures (Editor)

Internet/VOD Spot, Lionsgate Films (Editor).

in post-production, promo, XYZ Films & Netflix (Editor)

TV & Internet Campaign. BBC (Creative/Editor)

TV & Internet Campaign. BBC (Creative/Editor)

TV, Internet & Social Media Campaign. BBC (Creative)

TV & Internet Campaign Netflix (Editor)

TV & Internet Campaign, Episode 4. BBC (Creative/Editor)

TV 30” Spot, The Weinstein Company (Editor).

TV 30” Spot, Lionsgate Films (Editor).

TV and Internet Campaign, Studio Canal (Editor).

New Series TV and Internet Campaign, Rise Films / ITV (Editor).

International TV Campaign, Universal Pictures (Editor).

Series Home Entertainment TV & Internet Campaign, Universal Pictures / ITV (Editor).

TV Advert & Trailer, ie:Music Management (Editor).

All screen content, BIFA Committee & Raindance (Editor).

48hrs Sci-Fi Short, Team Blue Midget (Producer & Editor).

* Winner Best Film at The Wharf Academy Film Festival. Official Selection at Nightpiece @ Fringe & Portland Science Fiction Film Festivals

Funded Short Film & Trailer, Prototype Film / Goldsmiths University.

Prototype Film / Goldsmiths University (Editor, Second Assistant Director, Continuity and Production Assistant)

A young man – Adam - whose long term relationship with his girlfriend is in trouble, meets an old man in a pub. He advises Adam that the only way to preserve his true love, to save his relationship before bad things settle in, is to kill his girlfriend...

*Winner Best Horror Short at The American Online Film Awards. Official Selection at Munich Int, Limelight, East End & Northern Nights Film Festivals

Best Sync in Trailers & Promos: 'Amy' Teaser - Winner

Most Original Foreign Trailer: 'Amy' Teaser – Nominee.

Best Foreign Teaser: 'Amy' Teaser – Nominee.

Best Foreign GFX: 'Amy' Teaser – Nominee.

Best Documentary TV Spot: 'Amy' 30" TV Spot – Nominee.

Best Independent Trailer: 'Kill Command' Trailer - Nominee

Trailer of the Year: 'Amy' Teaser. - Winner

Documentary Campaign of the Year: 'Amy' - Winner

fluent, oral only

US Launch Promo, Intermission Film (Editor)

Mellissa L.'s Software Skills

Mellissa is a highly experienced offline user of Final Cut Pro 7.

Mellissa is a highly experienced offline user of Avid Media Composer.

Mellissa is a highly experienced offline user of Premiere Pro CC.

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