Maya N.

Maya N. Animator, Compositor, Designer, Editor (offline), Motion Graphic Designer.

Maya has been drawing from the moment she could hold a pen; it felt like a natural way to express herself. Once at university, she was able to transfer her illustration skills digitally and never looked back. Specializing in editing, graphics/ visual effects and shooting, she is a bold, speedy & resourceful creative who always looks to support her team and not just herself. Her broad range of skills means that she approaches all projects with a 360 degree mind set allowing her to plan, execute and anticipate accordingly.

Many of Maya’s creations and ideas stem from her love of photography and travel. When documenting her journeys she feels fully responsible for the outcome; there are no Creatives or producers to support her and in one single shot she will seize the moment knowing that there may not be the opportunity for a second. In her down time she explores with new music and dance which have enhanced the natural rhythm in her work. After spending a few months around South America, she is now conversational in Spanish.

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Editing, Production


Motion Graphics, Editing

Hack a Chuck - Motion Graphics, Editing

Video Production, Editing

Motion Graphics

VideoProduction, Editing

Motion Graphics, Editing

Motion Graphics, Editing

Motion Graphics, Editing - The British Roar (Award Winning)

Motion Graphics, Editing - NOTNORMAL

Editing - NX Rover

Motion Graphics, Editing - David Bailey (Award Winning)

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Editing - Case Study

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics, Editing - Race My Message

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

3D Animation

Motion Graphics, Editing, 3D Animation

Editing, Motion Graphics - 10’’, 15’’, 30’’

10’’, 15’’, 30’’ Motion Graphics, Editing

30’’ Motion Graphics - Paceman

10’’ Design, Motion Graphics,


Maya N.'s Software Skills

Maya is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline Editor.

Maya is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline Editor.

Maya is a highly experienced After Effects Animator, Compositor and Designer

Maya uses Cinema 4D to enhance her own work.

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