Matt C.

Matt C. Animator, Compositor, Designer, Motion Graphic Designer, 3D Generalist.

Matt is your man for all things 3D and motion graphics; with a background predominantly in design he is also a crazy talented animator, compositor, photo realistic CG Imagery maker & director.

What Matt has enjoyed the most about freelancing is the freedom it has given him to have worked in New Zealand, Australia and currently London. During this time he has built up an armoury of sophisticated graphics applications which have served him well over the years at some of the biggest advertising and marketing agencies.

The one thing that everyone notices about Matt is his infectious smile; sure to brighten up any stressful situation or demanding client he has a friendly and approachable personality to match - It’s hard not to like him and even harder to find fault with his work.

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3D Modelling, Design, Animation & Compositing

3D Modelling, Animation, Compositing & effects

3D/2D Animation & effects

2D/3D Design, Editing & Compositing

Design, 3D Animation, Particle Effects, Compositing, Camera Tracking, Projection Mapping

3D Design, Animation, Compositing

3D Design, Animation and Effects

2D/3D Animation & Design

3D Animation and effects, Dynamic effects & Compositing

Main 2D/3D Designer & Production

2D/3D Design, Animation and Compositing

3D Modelling & Visualisation

3D Visualisation

3D Animation, Visualisation & Design

3D Modelling, Animation, Camera Tracking

3D Visualisation

Design, 2D animation, compositing, Technical production

2D Animation & Technical Production

3D graphics, Product Visualisation

3D product Visualisation

3D Design, Animation, editing

2D Animation and effects

2D Compositing & Animation

2D Animation, Editing & Effects

3D Animation & Design

Matt C.'s Software Skills

Matt is a highly experienced Cinema 4D Animator, Compositor and Designer.

Matt is a highly experienced After Effects Animator, Compositor and Designer.

Matt is an experienced Mocha user.

Matt is an intermediate level Arnold user.

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