Jun I.

Jun I. Designer, Animator, Compositor, Director, Motion Graphic Designer.

Jun is an advanced motion designer/animation director who has worked for BBC, Nike, Cartoon Network, Metallica, Hewlett Packard and NBC Universal to name a few. Specialising in AE, he has worked on a range of content for broadcast, film, online/viral and live events.

As an animation director, he has also won several awards and was nominated for a British Animation Award 2014 for 'Best Motion Graphics' for his second animated short 'Handle With Care'.

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Prominent TV for BBC1 - AFX animation on titles and series map gfx.

WMR for Yesterday - Motion design, animation and compositing for TV title sequence.

Wall to Wall for BBC1 (Series 4) - Design and animation of programme ‘family tree’ graphics for 9 part series in HD and animation of graphic elements for title sequence.

Ginger Media for ITV2 - Animation and graphic transitions for programme title sequence.

The Foundation TV Productions for ITV1 - Creative direction and storyboarding of title sequence, original logo design, straps and Graphics for in-show game.

Initial / Endemol for BBC2 - Design and animation of stings, bumpers, straps, scoreboards, challenge / lesson screens, end credits and printed elements (e.g. jeep vinyls) for the programme.

Ruggie Media for LIVINGtv - Design adaptation for UK market, title logo animation for UK and celebrity special, stings, bumpers straps, menu graphics and ‘before and after’ designs and animations.

Direction, design and animation of promos for Cartoon Network - idents and title sequences for Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Ben10, Power Puff Girls, Pinky & The Brain, Chowder, Freakazoid, Foster’s Imaginary Friends, Fantastic 4, H20, Ed,Edd and Eddy, Squirrel Boy, The Secret Saturdays and Topfrocker. Also worked on CN Europe & UK channel idents and promos.

Direction, design and animation of promos for Boomerang - including Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, Pingu, Bugs Bunny and Scooby-Doo.

Chrome TV for Extreme Sports Channel - Creative direction, design, animation and compositing of programme title sequence, stings and bumpers.

Sunset + Vine for Sky Spots - Graphic design and layouts for programme bumpers, countdowns and menu screens.

Offline AFX edit for TV commercials.

Design and animation for TV commercials.

TRO-Group - Design and animation for a multi-screen corporate projection for a product launch.

Animation and compositing for 7minute projection mapped intro film for the opening Ceremony of The Crystal Building in Royal Victoria Docks.

Upshot - Design and animation for 4x screen pixel-mapped projections and puffa sphere. Projections at the Berlin Hilton.

Magma - Animation, compositing and motion graphic design for online infographic.

Tate Films - Design and animation for corporate film opener and closer.

CISCO Systems - Motion design and animation of corporate opener.

Lead compositor, rotoscoping and design for Currys/PCWorld TV campaign.

Digital FX (cloning and tracking) work for online viral.

Design and animation of intro for corporate film.

Deadmau5 - Lead Animator for DJ light show launching the Nokia Windows Phone 8 handsets in The Flat Iron Square. Animation done in Logic Pro, AFX and Premiere.

Design and animation of intro and segments for corporate film.

Kube Creative - Design, compositing and animation of diagramatic graphics and maps for corporate film presented to the King of Saudi Arabia.

Kube Creative - Design, transitional animations and motion graphics for corporate film.

Grey Area - Design, animation, compositing and VFX for online teaser film.

Design, animation and compositing for online infographic.

Tour/3D Feature Film - Design, animation and compositing of content for an arena tour/3D feature release.

AFX work on various motion graphic/vfx content for the band’s Stadium Tour.

Design and animation of screen graphics for various screen configurations for ‘the Circle’. Tour 2010 and for their appearance on the Grammy Awards.

Animation for puffer sphere projections and re-edit of LED screen graphics.

WMR for Yesterday - Motion design, animation and compositing for TV title sequence.

AFX work on 6k time lapse sequences for projection inside The Parabola, Kensington.

Director For Paper Daydream. Grand Jury Award – Best in Animation, Washington DCIFF 2011. Best Original Design, ABP 2010 International Animation Festival, NY.

Designer/Animator for CN Beatbox. Prix Jeunesse – 3rd Place in 7 to 11 nonfiction category.

Animation, compositing and motion graphic design for TV sponsorship idents.


Leopard Films, Design of logo and creative direction/animation of graphic elements for title sequence, stings, bumpers and straps.

Jun I.'s Software Skills

Jun is a highly experienced After Effects Animator, Compositor and Designer.

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