Joanna A.

Joanna A. Editor (Offline / Online).

Joanna is a very cool editor with over 11 years’ experience working on long form and short form projects with some of the most prolific musicians and youth bands in the industry.

She is fortunate enough to be able to bring together two passions in life; music and editing. As well as cutting music documentaries and many music videos, she also has a lot of experience cutting commercials, promos and online content.

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120’ Directed by Jack Bond (FCP Offline)

Cactus TV 4 x 60’. Documentary series on P.D. James, Ruth Rendell and Colin Dexter. Editor (Offline / Online FCP)

Cactus TV 3 x 60’, Documentary series on Sherlock Holmes, Foyle’s War, Poirot, Midsomer Murders and Inspector Morse. Editor (Offline / Online FCP)

Music video. Director: Alexandra Green. Bullion Productions.

Premiere Offline / Online / Post Work.

Music video. Director: Davis Silis. Bullion Productions. Premiere Editor.

Live promos. Bullion Productions. Premiere Editor.

Fall into the Party and other music videos. Red Bull Records (Premiere)

Multicamera, Director, Producer & Editor (FCP)

Interviews and live performances by Jessie Ware and Mount Kimbie (FCP)

Dir: Daniel Brereton. Editor (FCP Offline)

Online advert for Domino Records (Premiere)

Stop frame animation, FCP & After Effects

Director, Camera, Editor (FCP / 5D)

Editor (FCP Offline & Online)

Music Video. Director, Editor, Animator (FCP & After Effects)

Various Promos. Editor (FCP & Premiere)

VBS / Vice. Editor (FCP Offline & Online)

Music video. Director, Editor, Animator (FCP & After Effects)

Live visuals. Editor / Animator (FCP & After Effects)

Music Video. Director, Camera, Editor (FCP & 5D)

Music Video, Offline Editor

(FCP Offline)

Clash of the Titans Promo. BBC (FCPX edit / Sound design)

CHI & Partners (After Effects compositing)

Cooking with Raymond Blanc (Adobe Premiere + Onset Editing)

CHI & Partners (Premiere and After Effects)

Bullion / Vice

Instore new season promos (After Effects & FCP)

Editor. Animator. Sound Design. (FCP Offline, Online, After Effects)

Editor. Animator (FCP / After Effects)

Editor (FCP Offline & Online)

CHI & Partners / Smoke & Mirrors (Premiere + After Effects)

P10 launch films, Doner / Radical Media. Premiere Offline & Online Editor.

Adam & Eve DDB. Premiere Offline & Onset Editor.

Ireland Tourist Board, Jacobs Pitches

CHI & Partners / Smoke & Mirrors. TVC cutdowns for broadcast

CHI & Partners / Smoke & Mirrors TVC cutdowns for broadcast

Reversioning / online (FCP & After Effects)

West End Show 30’ TVC (FCP)

West End Show

West End Show

West End Show

Cactus TV Channel 4. Editor (Offline & Online FCP)

3 x content films, Adam & Eve DDB. Director & Editor (Premiere).

Publicity film. Publicis. Premiere Editor & Sound Design.

Ethnography content films, Fallon. Premiere Editor.

Content films, Casual Films, Premiere Editor.

Charity film for the Royal British Legion, Raw Productions, Premiere Editor.

CHI & Partners (Premiere)

Onset Premiere editing at Cannes Lions festival of creativity

A series of 10 minutes episodes on the Arts, including features on Squarepusher, Trevor Jackson, and Sally Potter. (Offline & Online FCP)

Starring Ian McKellen, Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman. Compositor. Editor (FCP / After Effects)

Pitches for Waitrose, John Lewis, H&M, Flora, Strongbow and many more. (Research & Edit, Premiere)

Lexus, Aviva, Heinz, British Gas, Argos, Tessiere Pitches

Guinness Africa, Mars, M&Ms Pitches

Ireland Tourist Board, Jacobs Pitches

1 year creating treatments and mood films

Fashion films, Studio Private. (Premiere)

45” Lisbon Studios (PP Editor).

Cactus TV (Offline FCP)

Joanna A.'s Software Skills
Jo is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline and Online Editor.

Jo is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline and Online Editor.

Jo uses Avid on a basic level.

Jo is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro X Offline and Online Editor.

Jo makes great use of After Effects to enhance her edits.

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