Dylan W.

Dylan W. Editor (offline), Motion Graphic Designer, Animator, Compositor.

For the last nine years, Dylan has been working as a motion graphics, compositing and editing freelancer for commercials, short films, corporate and online campaigns. His regular client base includes Burberry, Activision, Channel 4 and BBC.

Dylan is a keen photographer, which is used as first hand reference for his 3D animation, digital affects and graphics work and is a full on comic book and video game nerd; both visual styles are an inspiration on his work.

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Green screen, VFX compositing and logo animations. RAW Post.

HUD Design, 2D and 3D animation and compositing. Vince.

3D animation and VFX compositing. 2XS Films.

Beauty cleanup and conform. RAW Post.

HUD Design, 2D and 3D animation and compositing. Vince.

Web promo content. Animation and Compositing. RAW Post.

Interactive 3D web content. 3D modelling and Animation. Coalface.

Web film. Beauty retouching and clean-up. Kloss Films.

Web promo content. VFX compositing. RAW Post.

Web promo content. VFX supervision, 2nd unit direction, VFX compositing and animation. Vince.

Web promo content. VFX and beauty cleanup. Kloss Films.

Sting / web content. Design and development, 3D animation and compositing. Royal Society of Arts.

LCD promo display. Animation. Coffee and TV.

Unused Superbowl promo. 3D product modelling, design and compositing. Kloss Films.

Internal Corporate Film. 3D Design and Animation. Forward Slash Films.

Whiteboard presentation content. 2D animation. Bureau Van Dijk.

Corporate web content. 3D design and animation. Forward Slash Films.

Web series. Design and Animation. Jon Culshaw.

Main titles. 2D animation and compositing. Jump Design and Direction.

Main titles. 2D + 3D VFX compositing, Jump Design and Direction.

Titles. 3D environment. Jump Design and Direction.

Titles. 2D compositing. Jump Design and Direction.

Web series. VFX compositing. BBC,

British comedy spoof documentary web series about a fictional ageing rock star. BBC.

BBC2 series. VFX compositing. BBC.

BBC 3 Series. VFX Compositing. BBC.

Beauty cleanup. Caviar.

Live presentation screen content. 3D and 2D HUD animation, Atomic Arts.

Live 3D projection or The Kingsman premiere. 3D animation. Atomic Arts.

Dylan W.'s Software Skills

Dylan is an advanced user of Premiere Pro CC.

Dylan is an advanced user of After Effects CC.

Dylan is a basic user of Cinema 4D.

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