Domenico F.

Domenico F. Editor (Offline / Online).

Domenico is an editor with a diverse background who is never short of ideas, he has over six years of professional experience editing high end broadcast, online campaigns and commissioned art house film.

With a particular flare for rhythm, he is very creative when using sound in his edits and has skills in AFX to enhance his work with motion graphics. He is also a documentary editor and director with his film currently selected for IDFA and Cannes respectively.

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48’ Grainmedia/Al Jeezera

Current affairs documentary on Muslims converting to Christanity in Germany.

Editor and Co-Director - 35’ Documentary about the infamous comedy club in South East London. Mixture of archive and present day footage. With contributors Harry Enfield, Arthur Smith and Jools Holland - Official Selection IDFA & Cannes

25’ A historical documentary in the form of poetic dialogue in the Urdu language, between the director and his Grandfather Sawarn Singh – a war veteran in the Indian Army that fought for the British in WWII. Nitin Sawhney wrote an original score for the film - Winner BAFTA Asian Film Festival

Editor & Co-Director - 105’ (Currently in Post-production) Feature documentary on eccentric Comedy impresario Malcolm Hardee. With contributors Eddie Izzard, Stewart Lee, Damien Hirst

Editor & Motion Graphics - 45’ Documentary on the Indian vinyl community in Southall

Executive Producer: Kulip Puwar,

10’ Short Doc about a extreme runner coming back from a broken back. Dir. Jon Drenver at Grain Media

Editor - 12’ Short documentaries on Portuguese mothers and their children adapting to life in the UK. J. Neqaur

8’ Short biographical Doc on the late artist - Peek Films

15’ BBC/Grain Media. Science Docu/Drama about rising automation of world wide world force and the implementation of universal Basic Income.

Editor - 15’ Short Historical Documentary on a disused Indian cinema in Coventry - Sanja Sharma

Editor & Motion Graphics - 20’ Historical Documentary on the beginnings of the locomotive Steam Engine - Elbow Productions

5’ Historical documentary on Northern Irish Rave culture

Additional Editor - 30’ x 10 Reality TV show about London’s food scene - Fresh One TV

J.Al-Ani Daratal Funun

Sound Design - I’m a free Man - K.Herbert

The Gainsborough Packet - Matt Stokes

Limelight - K.Herbert

Firstsite - K.Herbert

Art on the Underground - Matt Stokes

Alexander Brown

Austin Museum of Art - Matt Stokes

Ollie Verscoyle - In a small American town a mundane event offers a glimpse in to a normally unseen world of mysterious connections. A businessman rushes for his train but just misses it. As he waits for the next service another world seems to open up before him and we witness a series of disparate characters each enter their own state of delusion, rapture or heightened awareness.

**Official Selection London Film Festival**

Wayne Mcgregor, K.Masterton

Additional editor - 20’ This web series follows Elite scouts as they try and to unearth the next global supermodel - Atomized TV

Exposure Films

Candid bespoke interviews with James Bay, Professor Green and Tom Daley. Grain Media

The making of...

Online series about extreme sports. Grain Media

Dinner Group conversation. With Ernesto Chanoud. Dojo

Bonfire Films Ltd

The Wagon, Channel 4

Various Programme Tasters

AIB mood films

Mood Reels, Versioning, Subtitling. Clients include; Adidas, Becks, Boots, Pimms, Stella Artois, Virgin, Coca Cola, IKEA, HTC, Intel.

Mood Reels. Clients include; NatWest - Moving Tales, Range Rover, Mercedes, 02, Bacardi

Various Mood Films

Various Mood Films

Animation & Reel

Winner - IVCA Gold & Cannes Corporate Awards

Lonely Leap Film

Lonely Leap Film

Lonely Leap Film

Green Bridge

The Tree of Life

Omo Brand Film

Senior Leaders Forum

Making Modern life Work

The Sims Ident - Channel 4

Music Video, Venae Portae

Music Video, Online, Ian M Hale

Music Video, Online, Dave Ma

10' Observational Documentary for The Guardian/Grain Media, about an orchestra helping stroke survivors recover. He also sound-designed this project.

40’ Observational Documentary about the lives of Chilean Copper Miners

Co-Editor & Sound Design

**Winner Best Documentary the Lab Film Festival**

85’ Observational Documentary set in the desert regions of the copper mining industry in Northern Chile. Told through a combination of observational footage, dream sequences and archive, it delves into the relationship between Chile's enormous mining extraction and the families whose culture has inevitably been shaped by these forces.

**Winner Best Foreign Documentary Arizona International Film Festival**


Consultant Editor - All the way is Essex type programme but set in Soho - Peninsula Films

Domenico F.'s Software Skills

Domenico is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline and Online Editor.

Domenico uses After Effects to enhance his own work.

Domenico is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro Offline and Online Editor.

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