David T.

David T. Editor (offline).

David is an experienced factual and documentary editor, with a knack for finding the heart of a story and bringing it to life. His work has been IDA-nominated and Grierson-shortlisted. He is easy to work with, loves to collaborate, and can craft a rough cut at a blistering pace.

David studied story and structure as a post-grad at the NFTS, which comes in handy for fixing narrative issues, and he’s got a keen sense of how to use timing and rhythm to create emotion, jeopardy and comedy.

As well as years of TV experience, he has also cut promos for (among many others) Sainsbury’s, Microsoft, Cadbury’s, Virgin Atlantic and The Body Shop.

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Channel 5 / ScreenDog Productions

Former detective Mark William-Thomas investigates the sex offender accused by German prosecutors of the murder of Madeleine McCann (60min, Premiere Pro).

BBC3 / ScreenDog Productions

Embedded in a ground-breaking police unit, meeting victims and perpetrators, Stacey Dooley explores the devastating impact of stalking - and how to stop it. (2 x 45min, Avid)

Channel 5 / Middlechild TV

Facing tense confrontations and difficult dilemmas, High Court Enforcement Agents try to settle the debts no one else can (60min, Avid).

(Channel 5, Nerd TV; Dir. Tom Barbor-Might; 60min)

Documentary exploring Himmler’s quest for Aryan Artefacts and ancient civilisations, and how it led to a group of archaeologists and scientists from treasure-hunting to crimes against humanity.

(Sky Vision, National Geographic; Dir. Tom Barbor-Might; 2 x 30min)

Series exploring natural disasters through footage captured by eyewitnesses, featuring the Chelyabinsk Meteor and the mysterious Ice Tsunamis of North America.

(Britdocs, Green Lion; Dir. David Bond; 90min)

Feature doc charting one man’s mission to rebrand nature for children born in a world of iPads, PlayStations and Disney-on-Demand.

(History Television International; Dir. Andy Goodsir; 300 x 2min)

Epic short form series exploring a century of history captured on film; from war to show business, organised crime to technological advancement.

(History Television International, Dir. Andy Goodsir, 2 x 45min)

Series celebrating the Queen’s reign, and the extravaganza of the Diamond Jubilee Weekend.

(Current TV, 30 min)

The story behind Ruardiah Arrow’s award winning doc How To Start A Revolution, which charts the worldwide impact of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp’s work on non-violent revolution, from the Colour Revolutions to the Arab Spring.

(Current TV, 30min)

One-off in which non-Muslims present cases to a Sharia Council, to see how their issues would have been dealt with under Sharia Law.

(Current TV; Dir. Tom Barbor-Might; 7 x 60min)

Series of seven archive documentaries on major news stories of the broadcast era, from crimes and celebrity scandals to terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

(Current TV; Dir. Tom Barbor-Might; 60min)

Current affairs documentary following Gail as she explores the law on prostitution and its consequences both in the UK and across the world. Nominated for an IDA Documentary Award.

(Current TV; Dir. Jonathan Brooks; 60min)

Current affairs doc following Mr Nice, the former cannabis smuggler Howard Marks, as he investigates the rationale behind, and consequences of, drug prohibition.

(Current TV; Dir. Tom Barbor-Might; 60 min)

Expose of the mail order bride industry, investigating the pressures of extreme poverty that lead some young Thai women to seek a western husband, and the danger this can put them in.

(BBC1, History Television International; Dir. Andy Goodsir; 60min)

Ob-doc following the Duke of Edinburgh on his home turf, Windsor Castle, in a revealing journey through the life of an innovator, and occasional rebel, who’s been at the heart of the British Monarchy for over seventy years.

(Sky Arts 1, The Mob Film Company; Dir. Vadim Jean; 60min)

Ob doc looking back at the life stories of guitar legends through the instruments, people and places that shaped their careers.

(Current TV; Dir. Tom Barbor-Might; 45min)

Ob-doc following two gay men, a retired banker and a young Muslim, as they prepare to come out to their families for the first time.

(Current TV; Dir. Tom Barbor-Might; 60min)

Comic ob-doc following some lesser-known election candidates, from Captain Beany of the New Millennium Bean Party to the Landless Peasants and True English Poetry Party. Nominated for a Grierson Award.

Eight British citizens try to smuggle themselves back into Britain without their passports. "Tense and revelatory, the show hid important reportage beneath its flashy chassis" - The Guardian Channel 4, Screendog Productions, 2x60min

(Channel 4, Windfall Films, 60min).

Tony Robinson meets with drone fliers and archaeologists to investigate undiscovered historic sites revealed by the summer heatwave.

(Current US, 2 x 30min).

Series of half-hour programmes looking back on classic documentaries – episodes featuring Errol Morris’s acclaimed murder-mystery The Thin Blue Line, and Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me.

(Current US, Dir. Tom Barbor-Might; 5 x 60min).

Super-Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock presents a five part countdown of must see docs from the past 25 years. The Mail on Sunday called it “the very opposite of a standard list show – a project that exudes care and craft.”

3 x 15’ film and TV review shows, and 3 x 3’ trailers, highlighting the best of Virgin Atlantic’s on-board entertainment.

4 x 2’ short films promoting Madame V Lingerie’s launch in Paris and New York.

From bringing in Jamie Oliver to share curry-making tips, to taking Sainsbury’s employees to the slums of South Africa for Comic Relief - a series of 12 x 7’ internal promos to inform and motivate staff.

Teach First encourages Britain’s best graduates to teach the most challenging schools, and this series of recruitment, promotional and fundraising videos helped establish the charity as a key player in raising educational standards.

12 x 3’ films showing how children gain confidence and develop independence - while having fun - on PGL holidays.

2 x 15’ promos introducing the ethical brand’s new “Pulse” stores.

Exhibit films, weaving together haunting testimony with the original, re-telecined 35mm footage to explore WW1, from fighter aces to bomb girls to shellshock victims.

Promo celebrating the best in documentary cinema and television.

1 x 5’ promo introducing the new antiseptic to the NHS.

(October Films, 1 x 7’)

Ob-doc taster for the Discovery Channel, following an English woman who gave up her career to set up an elephant sanctuary in India.

(Red Arrow Factual)

Promo for jewellery format featuring “Rock ‘n’ Roll jeweller” Stephen Webster and Vogue jewellery editor Carol Woolton.

Series of 30 celebrity appeals for Prince Charles’s campaign to save the world’s rainforests.

Edit and colour grade for 2 x 2’ online promos for Windows 7.

6 x 2’ web episodes of the hit TV series for Tiger Aspect and itv.com.

An interactive online story highlighting the danger of knife crime; part of Channel Four’s “Disarming Britain” season.

A celebration of the Cadbury’s promotion, made with Cake Brand Entertainment.

Online promo for the festival tour of VInspired’s volunteering battlebus.

Quick turn-around edit of onstage footage from Capital’s big summer party.

David T.'s Software Skills

David is an advanced user of Avid Media Composer.

David is an advanced user of Premiere Pro CC.

David is an advanced user of Final Cut Pro 7.

David can use After Effects CC to a basic level.

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