David C.

David C. Editor (Offline / Online).

Movie buff and footy fanatic David, has a long standing relationship with the world of arts and film; with a diverse background in cross platform editing, Dave has a clear and confident understanding of how to tackle both short and long projects.

He loves the early stages of sorting through raw material and then shaping it into an engaging story; using his skills to manipulate shots and enhance the narrative.

Being part of the post-production team for ‘'Next Goal Wins' has certainly been the highlight of Dave’s professional career. This heart warming, feature length documentary received rave reviews from public and media alike.

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Christmas Idents

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Idents - Nickelodeon

Promo shown at London IMAX, BFI

Teaser - Nike Football

Internal Promo - Universal

Internal Promo - Sony

In-store Promo - Fox, Universal, Disney, Paramount

Internal Promo - BVI

Internal Promo - Universal

Internal Promo - Vodafone

Internal Promo - Paramount

TV Promo - Nickelodeon

A feature length documentary following the American Samoa national football team - Archer’s Mark/Agile Films – Additional Offline Editor.

10 x 30 minute show - MTV – Online Editor.

Interstitials - Nickelodeon – Offline Editor.

10 x 30 minute show - Nickelodeon

Series - Nickelodeon

Interstitials - Nickelodeon

Editing pre-recorded VTs - Microsoft

Featurettes and game walkthroughs, Rocksteady/Warner Bros.

Featurettes and game walkthroughs, Warner Bros.

30 minute documentary - Nike Football/Archer’s Mark – Offline Editor.

1 hour documentary - Universal

30 minute in-flight programme - Virgin Atlantic

Monthly in-flight, film magazine show - Virgin Atlantic

Ernst & Young

David C.'s Software Skills

Dave is a highly experienced Editor.

Dave is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Editor

Dave is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Editor

Dave uses basic After Effects to enhance his work.

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