Darren S.

Darren S. Promo Producer, Editor (offline).

Darren is a passionate and motivated multi-skilled Senior Promo Producer, Creative Editor and Director in producing on air promotions, campaigns and branding. He has 15 years’ experience in all aspects of project management and development, including campaign strategy, budget planning, music development, graphic refreshes, re-branding and channel launches.

He is skilled at leading teams in idea development and communication, has a cool head under pressure and can solve problems quickly, effectively and efficiently.

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Silver Promax Africa 2014, Best Drama Campaign.

Gold Promax Africa 2013, Best Drama Campaign.

Gold Promax World 2013, Art Direction & Design: Short Form Campaign.

Silver Promax World 2012, Best Comedy Campaign.

Silver Promax Africa 2010, Best Editing.

Silver Promax World 2008, Best Editing & Best Movie Promo.

Gold Promax Africa 2008, Best Use of Music.

Gold Promax 2008, Best Innovation.

Gold Promax World 2006, Best Animated Campaign.

1 x 30”, Crime and Investigation, A&E.

1 x 60” launch spot, Sony Channel.

1 x 60”, Sony Entertainment Television.

1 x 30”, Boomerang.

1 x 30”, Cartoon Network.

1 x 60”, Sony AXN.

1 x 60”, Sony AXN.

1 x 30”, Sony Channel Africa.

1 x 1’130”, Sony AXN.

1 x 2’, Sony Max.

Darren S.'s Software Skills

Darren uses Premiere to an advanced level.

Darren uses Final Cut Pro 7 to an advanced level.

Darren uses After Effects to an intermediate level.

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