Dario S.

Dario S. Designer, Compositor, Animator, Editor (Offline / Online), Motion Graphic Designer, 3D Animator.

Dario started his career in motion graphics in Brazil at the age of 19 where he gained experience in the use of typography, print design, photography, illustration and cinema.
He then learnt how to combine these different elements in the audiovisual world.

After working in Sao Paulo, Argentina and Madrid, Dario arrived in London to pursue a career in design (mainly working with animation, 3D, photo-realism and interactive installations), with the aim of telling stories through moving images.

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Series of motion graphics and compositing for a Christmas campaign. M&C Saatchi

Meteorite - art direction - motiongraphics for TV commercials.
5 Different versions have been done for Holland - Sweden - Denmark - Norway - Finland.
Motion Graphics for digital advertising.
Tracking and compositing for a re-version of a nokia TV spot from Thailand to Vietnam.
Unit Post

TVC (Nuke) for Mcann Ericson. Motion Graphics (AFX)

Series of promo designs for DIVA and Scy Fy Channel.
Graphics for a promo. Skive
Graphics for promo. Skive

Elvis pitch, animation.

Motion graphics for a pitch.

Motion graphics for a pitch. BBH

Series of animations - pitch The Marketing Store

Motion and editing. Pitch. Hypernaked

Editing & mixing Vox Pops - product demonstrations and marketing research showcasing their portfolio for a pitch.

Motion and editing - pitch. Hypernaked

Motion graphics and edit for a pitch campaign. Saatchi

Graphic packaging for BBC Lifestyle program to be aired in Poland. BBC Worldwide

Designer for new morning show. ITV

Graphics & Idents for YouTube Channel. Critical Mass

Motion graphics and editing showcasing new products on their website - viral - pirate.

Rotoscoping and compositing for virals. Grey

A series of animations showing the new capabilities of to be put online the Windows website - viral. VML

Series of animations to be used on their website - viral. Holler

Series of animations for “Pilsener Urquel” Czech beer - viral.

Edit and motion graphics for a series of online tutorials to be displayed on the Royal Post web page. Proximity London

Motion graphics - compositing - editing for many different cars. Flythrough - demonstrations - features simulations - virtual test drives etc. viral. Wunderman

Motion graphics - Corporate Video for Impact Recruitment - Pix Mix Post

Digital panels & screen advertising in Westfield & various other screens around the UK - Saint

Several animated digital screens to be shown on Westfield, Train Stations and Underground - Brothers and Sisters

Art direction animation and compositing for the launch to be used on big screens across biggest UK train stations and internet advertisement - BMB

Interstitials & animations for endframe to be used in the world cup - Sony

Ident animations in Czech Republic - UPC

Motion graphics to be screened in the Twickenham stadium during the Rugby world cup - Bd Network

Instore videos showing tariff promotions and mobile deals.

In Store Motion Graphics - TAG

RMG Connect - animation and design. This video was to be screened in all the participant cities advertising a simultaneous party around the world.

Motion graphics for screens to be used in their stores in the UK. In Store Motion Graphics - Start JG

Series of compositing and animations for M&S clothes brands.

In Store Motion Graphics - Adjust Your Set

Compositing - Green Screen and motion graphics for Ducati riders to be screened in the Moto GP lounges - Fellow Productions

Series of animated screens for in store.

In Store Motion Graphics - The One Off

For launch of new phone. In Store Motion Graphics - Mediacom

Various internal projects - TAG Europe on behalf of EE (AFX)

Motion graphics for corporate videos - MCM Productions

Creative direction and motion showcasing all the services offered by this branding and events agency in Madrid.

Animation simulating a software walkthrough of a new for a digital event in Japan - HMX Media

Series of animations for the new BBC branding guidelines.

Concept Videos - motion graphics and art direction for COS and HOLLISTER BRANDS.

Series of motion graphics and compositing for corporate and broadcast commercials.

Series of presentations. Tracking - compositing and motion graphics - Connected Pictures.

Compositing and Rotoscoping for a series of shots to be part of a whole video campaign for Baku - Azerbaijan one of the applicants cities for the Olympics 2020.

Worked in the visual journalism department and helped with the development of the elections 2015 branding. Motion Graphics (AFX)

Motion graphics and design direction for staff video training - Rufus Leonard

Motion Graphics - Adjust Your Set

Designed and animated several in-store and online campaigns for TAG Europe. Motion Graphics (AFX)

Corporate video. Motion graphics (AFX)

Motion graphics for the launch of a new Microsoft IT product in New York - New Moon

Motion graphics for money corp - a money division of the Royal post - Bio Agency

Rapier - several short films for animated from the beginning until completion. They are meant to be used on Yell's youtube channel showing new features of the web sites to potential customers wishing put their information on the website.

New Moon - Graphics for some excerpts of the film.

Dario S.'s Software Skills

Dario is an intermediate user of Cinema 4D.

Dario is an experienced user of Nuke.

Dario is a highly experienced After Effects Designer, Compositor and Animator.

Dario is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro Editor.

Dario is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Editor.

Dario is an experienced Arnold user.

Dario is an experienced V-ray user.

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