Damian T.

Damian T. Editor (Offline / Online).

Storytelling is Damian’s world. If he’s not editing narrative driven promos, trailers, documentaries or short films, he is immersing himself within the world of literature and screenwriting. Producing and developing scripts on the side while also directing his own short films has enabled him to capture what it means to create and structure a story. This was best demonstrated when he took the lead on a project for the Royal Albert Hall; editing together a multi-camera shoot with archive and interviews from 60 hours of rushes to construct a ninety minute feature documentary. His studiousness and generosity have secured loyalty from high profile clients such as: Sky, Viasat, Disney, MGM, Cartoon Network and TCM. Treating every job with equal commitment and energy, Damian’s ultimate aim is to make sure a good story is told.

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ITN Productions / Channel 52 x 60’ (Offline Editor) Documentary series covering the entire reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Featuring exclusive interviews with those close to her and key global politicians and figures throughout her reign as well as archive from every era.

1 x 60’ (Offline Editor) Nat Geo / Antidote

Documentary exploring the history behind the internet phenomenon from the rise of the viral video to the explosion of it’s program makers and channels and how an attempt to make a dating website became the cultural and economic powerhouse that is YouTube.

1 x 83’ (Audio Editor) Pulse Films Critically acclaimed feature film documentary charting the recovery of singer songwriter Edwyn Collins following his stroke. Cut over 20 hours of recorded interviews together to form structure for feature shoot and full offline edit.

1 x 60’ Mentorn (Film Editor) BBC4, Mentorn Factual Feature Documentary using interviews, archive, news footage and original user generated footage to tell the tale of the devastating effects of hurricane Sandy.

1 x 90’ MGM (Film Editor) MGM HD MGM’s landmark documentary celebrating 50 years of West Side Story and following the journey of the film from stage, to film to its anniversary remaster and performance with live orchestra - Featuring original interviews with cast and crew, original footage and archive material as well as a multicam performance edit featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall.

1 x 60’ (Offline Editor) Aurora Media, ITV4

Documentary looking at the evolution of the racing car. Interviews with prominent figures from the world of motor racing, archive footage and race footage from the Goodwood Festival of Speed, F1, Indycar, Formula E and the Le Mans 24hr.

1 x 25’ MGM (Director/Offline Editor) MGM HD Documentary featuring interviews, archive and original footage from the London Sundance Film Festival and interviews with director Tim Hunter and actor Crispin Glover focussing on the film Rivers Edge, it’s production and inspiration.

2 x 60’ (Offline Editor) Nutopia / PBS / BBC4

An epic landmark documentary series telling the story of the continent of Africa through it’s history, politics, culture and people. The series explores the culture of African societies and the continent’s relationship with the rest of the world illustrated through stunning photography of it’s landscape, nature, architecture and people. With in depth analysis and interviews from the world’s leading authorities on the continent.

1 x 25’ MGM (Director/Offline Editor) MGM HD Documentary looking at the work of composer Ennio Morricone and his collaboration with legendary director Sergio Leone - Featuring live performance by the Spaghetti Western Orchestra, live interviews, archive footage and film clips from various westerns.

4 x 60’ (Offline Editor) Nat Geo, RDF Observational documentary series following an elite mining team as they go in search of the world’s most stunning gems.

5 x 60’ Nutopia (Offline Editor) Sky Living, Nutopia Observational documentary series following the journey through pregnancy of various couples.

2 x 60’ Pioneer (Offline Editor) HGTV, Pioneer Observational US documentary series looking at the grand designs of some extraordinary architecture.

3 x 60’ Darlow-Smithson (Offline editor) National Geographic, Darlow Smithson Observational and dramatized documentary series following the dramatic events of the effects of natural infestations on normal homes.

2 x 60’ (Offline Editor) Liberty Bell Productions / Dave

A multicam gameshow hosted by Jason Mumford. A Dragons Den meets crowdfunding show where ordinary members of the public get the chance to invest in new business ideas.

1 x 5’ (Offline Editor) Avalon / Channel 4

Comedy show documenting comedian Simon Brodkin’s gatecrashing sabotage missions on corporations, celebrities and just about anyone else.

1 x 6’ (Director/Editor) ITV Directed and cut this short VT package as part of the ITV Olivier Awards Show - Multicamera comedy drama edit featuring the cast of A Chorus Line.

1 x 30' TVC (Editor) Disney Media+

1 x 1.30' Online Trailer, Sky Sports (Offline Editor)1 x 1.30' Online Trailer, Sky One

1 x 2’ Cinema Trailer, Director: Suzanne Bier (Offline Editor) Creative Partnership

1 x 2.30’ Cinema Trailer, Director: Hossein Amini (Offline Editor) Creative Partnership

1 x 1.30’ Cinema Trailer, Director: John Moore (Offline Editor) Creative Partnership

1 x 3’ Cinema trailer, Director: Michael Winterbottom (Offline Editor) Lip Sync

1 x 2’ Cinema trailer, Director: Andrea Arnold (Offline Editor) Lip Sync

1 x 3’ Cinema trailer, Director: Sally El Hosaini (Offline Editor) Lip Sync

1 x 3’ Cinema trailer, Director: Terence Davies (Offline Editor) Lip Sync

1 x 3’ Cinema trailer, Director: Lars Von Trier (Offline Editor) Lip Sync

1 x 3’ Cinema trailer, Director: Susanne Bier (Offline Editor) Lip Sync

1 x 45” TV promo, Viasat. Role: Promo Producer / Editor.

1 x 45’ TV promo, Viasat. Role: Promo Producer / Editor.

1 x 30” TV promo, Discovery. Role: Promo Producer / Editor.

1 x 45” TV promo, TCM. Role: Director / Promo Producer / Editor.

1 x 30’ TV promo, Channel 5. Role: Promo Producer / Editor.

1 x 30’ TV promo, Toonami. Role: Promo Producer / Editor.

1 x 1’ TV promo, CNX. Role: Promo Producer / Editor.

Various TV promos (Editor) Discovery

1 x 1’ TV Promo, TCM (Director/Offline Editor)

6 x 1’ TV Promo, Channel Five (Offline Editor)

1 x 3' Worldmark Films (Editor) Online season review featuring race highlights and team interviews from Aguri EE race team.

1 x 3' Weber Shandwick (Editor) Flash mob viral cut on location featuring Borussia Dortmund football team.

2 x 60’ (Offline Editor) Spark Media / Watch

Factual entertainment cooking travelogue. Marco Pierre White is joined by Celebrity chefs on a cruise ship as they tour the Mediterranean taking inspiration for different dishes from each port to be served at the captains table.

1 x 90’ Children’s DVD/Advert/PR, Sainsbury’s/Weber Shandwick (Editor) Children’s Summer Activity DVD - Multi-camera edit, shot and cut on location.

Wilson Worldwide / Sky One– 1 x 60 Ep 3 (Offline Editor)

Feature documentary following the early experiences of former Olympic boxer Lawrence Okolie as he embarks on the firsts steps in his professional career.

6 x 30’ (Offline Editor) Giant Film+TV / Extreme TV

High octane motorsport show featuring qualifying, racing and highlights of The Extreme Drift Allstars Championship.

1 x 15' Dir. Kevin Wright (1st Assistant Director) Punk drama short film set in Brighton

1 x 15' - short - dir. Mustapha Kseibati (Post Production Advisor)

1 x 15' dir. Jim Johnson (Offline Editor) Sci-fi drama. What happens when a small boy’s nightmares become reality?

1 x 30' dir. Jim Johnson (DP / Offline Editor) Black comedy featuring a couple lost in the country, trying to find a way home without blood on their hands.

1 x 15' dir. John Schwab (Offline Editor) Comedy drama - A struggling writer discovers the only way to remove writers block is by dumping his girlfriend but at a cost.

Damian T.'s Software Skills

Damian is a highly experienced Avid Offline and Online Editor.

Damian is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro Offline and Online Editor.

Damian is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline and Online Editor.

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