Chris T.

Chris T. Editor (Offline / Online), Animator, Compositor, Designer.

Charisma and charm are among the many reasons why clients can’t seem to get enough of him, but he is also dually skilled as an editor and motion graphics artist with a variety of experience ranging from short to long form broadcast.

After moving to London all the way from down under, Chris showed up one day at our office and the very next day became one of our most popular editors. He doesn’t get easily stressed, so he’s always willing to take on any challenge.

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Co-Editor - 2 x 52’ documentary The Last Emperor of China, International

A dramatic history of Pu Yi, the last of the Emperors of China, LIC Australia

Editor on seasons 2-5 - 1 x 30’ Adult Variety. The show specializes in reuniting families and loved ones and granting simple wishes to those in need, but over the years has introduced many other segments with a strong sense of history and, of course, helping others - ABC

Offline editor - 1 x 60’ Food critic, Giles Coren goes to America to undertake three extreme diets in the quest for longer life, - BBC

Offline Editor - 6 x 50’ Cameras venture behind the doors of some of Britain's poshest homes to see how the cream of society handle their domestic staff. - Channel 4/Studio Lambert

Editor - 1 x 60’ This film follows the day to day lives of a father and son “Extreme Cleaning” team, watching them tackle some incredible cleaning tasks with often hilarious consequences. - Mike and Muse Productions/SBS

Co-Editor, Titles and Colourist - Feature length rockumentary exploring the disproportionate success of the indie music scene from the most isolated city in the world. Featuring INXS, The Hoodoo Gurus, The Triffids, The Sleepy Jackson, and Tame Impala, WBMC.

Post Supervisor, Assistant Editor and Additional VFX -

A crime thriller set in the 'always on' but socially disaffected world of an elite high school. Starring Adelaide Clemens (Wolverine, The Great Gatsby) and Oliver Ackland (The Proposition) WBMC.

Offline VT’s Editor - 1 x 30’ A 32-part food series from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Fresh One’, Food Junkies cuts straight to the core of London’s food scene. With big flavours, bigger portions & the biggest characters, it’s the ultimate guide to who’s eating what & where. - London Live/Fresh One Productions.

Offline VT’s editor - 1 x 60’ A six-part BBC science series presented by comedian Dara Ó Briain. Each week, the team takes one subject and explores all possible angles, combining it with studio discussions in front of a live audience, films and on the spot reports - BBC2/BBC

Offline Editor - Episodes 7 & 8 - 1 x 30’ An uplifting show in which some of the UK's best-loved celebrities help realise the dreams of the nation's unsung heroes - ID-R Media - Channel 5.

Offline Editor - 1 x 30’ A British television science magazine series with a hands-on approach to test scientific theory and demonstrate how science shapes our world - BBC/BBC 1

1 x 60’, Offline editor

Mary Portas offers an eye-opening look at the shopping trends of 2015, from must-haves to why-did-we-evers, from spiralizers to pastel hair dye and athleisure wear to Prosecco, Channel 4

Editor - 1 x 30’ A show that promotes organic and environmentally friendly ways of gardening. - ABC

1 x 60’, Offline editor, 2 episodes

A new series that examines historical events through the perspective of conspiracy theory.

Channel 5

Offline Editor - 1 x 5’ children’s factual - Curious Cat's science introduces 5 to 8-year-olds to the world of materials science - BBC

26 x 30’ Children’s drama, Colourist and Mastering to HD tape

An Australian series shot entirely on location in and around Broome, Western Australia revolving around a group of children are trapped in a dangerous paradise. - Channel 7

Editor - 1 x 30’ children’s TV

Rollercoaster was a "wrapper" show, aimed at older children and young teenaged audiences. The host, Elliot Spencer was the sole presenter, dressing up as characters for short sketches - ABC

CBBC, 1 x30’, Offline editor, episodes 1 & 5

A spin-off from the main series, The Great British Bake Off where thirty two young bakers tackle a series of baking challenges including the art of baking cakes, biscuits, bread and pastries all competing to be crowned "Junior Bake Off Champion".

26 x 5’ comedy, Colourist and Mastering to tape

Comedy about two flat mates; John Marx and Venus Hoy - SBS

Editor - 1x30 sec, 1x15 sec

Editor & Online - 1x30 sec

Editor & Online - 1x30 sec

Editor & Online - 1x30 sec

Editor & Online - 1x30 sec

5 x 10 sec, TVC & Snapchat Viral, Editor

Director, Editor and VFX - 4 x 60’ doco - SBS

Co-Editor - 1 x 30’ adult variety series


Editor and VFX - 4 x 30’ documentary


Co-Editor and VFX - 1 x 30’ factual - SBS

Visual Effects - Vida Cain, music video

Editor and Colour Grade - Bob Evans, Redline Records & Sony BMG, music video

Offline editor - 1 x 45’ - Reality TV styled news show investigates viewers' reports of problematic experiences with traders, retailers, and other companies around the UK. - BBC

12’ drama $25,000 budget, Winner of best Visual Effects, Original Music Score & Sound Design, 20th W.A. Screen

Awards. Winner of the Jury Award at Rutger Hauer's "I've Seen Films" festival in Milan

'08, with Jury member Ridley Scott writing, "Well shot and conceived. Very clever, creative editing Art direction. The leading man is clearly very talented and inventive."

Editor - 7’ drama, $60,000 budget

Co-Director - 3’drama super8 film - Winner of “Revel8” 2009, Perth Revelation Film Festival

3’ drama - Director, Editor, VFX

1 x 60’ Offline editor ep 2 - Amateur sewers take on challenges as they compete to be named Britain's best home sewer. BBC2

1 x 60’ Offline editor ep 3 & 6 - Amanda Holden hosts the reality series, where she offers support as friends, partners and relations break life-changing news to loved ones before the cameras. UKTV

Chris T.'s Software Skills

Chris is a highly experienced Offline and Online Premiere Editor

Chris is a highly experienced Offline and Online Final Cut Pro 7 Editor

Chris is a highly experienced Offline and Online Avid Editor

Chris is a highly experienced After Effects Animator, Compositor and Designer.

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