Chris D.

Chris D. Edit Assistant, Editor (offline).

Discover Chris D., an Edit Assistant and Offline Editor specialising in commercials, promos, and advertising agencies. With proficiency in offline workflows, online prep, and conforming, Chris offers valuable experience in broadcast QC and delivery. His role as a DIT with Arri systems adds a comprehensive dimension to his skill set.

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Various Lengths. Social media versioning for numerous hotels. Saatchi & Saatchi (Premiere Pro Offline)

90” Interview and music performance. Trim Editing (Premiere Pro Offline)

60” inspirational video for tackling COVID19. Trim Editing (Premiere Pro Offline)

5”, 10”, 30” Social media campaign for FW collection. Hogarth WW (Premiere Pro Offline/Online)

One Day Go Be One Day – 18min film exploring Fela Kuti's cultural roots. Hogarth WW (Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve Offline)

15” and 30” - social media spots for Expedia app. Saatchi & Saatchi (Premiere Pro Offline, Photoshop

5”, 10”, 30” - Social media spots for Method cleaning products. Dirty Films (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve / Offline, Photoshop)

multiple 30” films – Collection of films outlining GSK's current research from HIV, to cancer and recycling methods. Hogarth WW (Premiere Pro Offline)

Dream Aloud (TVC & Cinema) – 55” spot for brand. Matt Newman Editor (Premiere Pro Offline/Online, DaVinci Resolve Offline, Photoshop)

Halo (TVC) – 1:30mins spot with cutdowns. Trim Editing. (Avid Media Composer Offline)

Take That Live (TVC & Online) – Live multi-webcam performance with TVC trailers. Trim Editing (Premiere Pro Offline)

Bentyaga (TVC & Online) – 60” spot with cutdowns for Bentyaga model. Matt Newman Editor (Premiere Pro Offline / Online)

Customised for the night (TVC & Online) – 60” with cutdowns. Trim Editing (Premiere Pro Offline / Online).

(TVC & Online) – 60” with cutdowns. Trim Editing (Final Cut Pro Offline)

(TVC & Online) – 60” with cutdowns. Trim Editing (Premiere Pro Offline / Online)

Platform performances – 30” with cutdowns. Trim Editing (Final Cut Pro Offline)

Mexico – 30” TVC. Hogarth WW (Premiere Pro Offline / Online, DaVinci Resolve Offline)

Pantene: Katie Piper My Bounce Back Hair (TVC) – 30” spot. Hogarth WW (Premiere Pro Offline/Online, Photoshop)

Unseen Oceans (TVC & Cinema trailers, online film) 5min with cutdowns. Hogarth WW (Premiere Pro Offline)

Open (TVC) – 30” spot with online content. Hogarth WW (Premiere Pro Offline/Online)

(TVC & Online) - 30” spot with online content. Hogarth WW (Premiere Pro Offline, DaVinci Resolve Offline)

(TVC) – 30” & 5” spots. Hogarth WW (Premiere Pro Offline)

All I Ever Wanted. Matt Newman Editor (Premiere Pro Offline/Online)

Coco Blood. Michelle Defrancesco Editor (Premiere Pro Offline

Maryland. Michelle Defrancesco Editor (Premiere Pro Offline)

Don't Beat the Boy out of My Boy. Matt Newman Editor (Premiere Pro Offline, DaVinci Resolve Offline

RWM. Partizan (Premiere Pro Offline/Online, DaVinci Resolve Offline, Photoshop). Editor.

Matt Newman Editor (Premiere Pro Offline/Online, DaVinci Resolve Offline, Photoshop)

Chris D.'s Software Skills

Chris is an advanced pp editor.

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