Chee-Han W.

Chee-Han W. Editor (offline).

“Chee-Han the Wonderful” is a hard working, creative and ambitious Final Cut Pro and Avid editor with a passion for film and multimedia. She is easy going and loves to work in international and cultural diverse environments. With a background in Marketing and PR Chee-Han is particularly skilled with commercials and short format films for high profile clients including Coca-Cola and Google. She also has a range of experience working with various fashion brands such as Adidas, Max Factor and TK Maxx. In her spare time Chee-Han likes to dance which explains her natural rhythm when it comes to cutting music based content. She is also a keen photographer and videographer.

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TV Commercial, Director Jaron Albertin, Editor.

TV Commercial, Director Dan Mash, Editor.

TV Commercial, Director Bruce St. Claire, Editor.

TV Commercial, Director Rupert Murray, Editor.

TV Commercial - Atomize - Editor.

SSSS & Orchestra - Editor.

TV Commercial - Director Janneke van Heesch - Editor.

Amstel Global - 180 Amsterdam - Art.

Web stories, Trailer & Series Editor

Web stories, Series Editor

Web TV Commercial - Editor.

Heineken - Make Amsterdam - Editor

Adidas Global - 180 Amsterdam - DVD - Editor.

Adidas Global - 180 Amsterdam - Editor - Colourist - Sound FX.

Adidas Global - 180 Amsterdam - Riot and Editor.

Web film - 180 Amsterdam - Editor - Colourist

CBBC, 180 Amsterdam, Editor.

Samsung - Make Amsterdam - Editor.

Kuyichi - Art Director - Editor.

Asics Global - Amsterdam Worldwide - Editor - Animator.

Adidas Global - 180 Amsterdam - Editor.

In-Store, Global Events - BSUR - Editor.

BMW Motorrad - 180 Amsterdam - Editor.

Digital Content - DVD - CD - Magnetron Music - Editor - Colourist - Producer - Screenplay

Gigi web film, Editor/Colourist

Ramadan web films, Editor/Colourist

Instore films, Editor/Colourist

Online broadcast - Hulu TV - Series Editor.

Web films - Atomized - Editor.

Web films - Atomized - Editor - Grader.

Web films, Just So Films, Editor.

Web commercial, Editor/Colourist

Men – Digital content and Events - In digital - British Fashion Council - Getty Images - Editor.

Digital content and Events - In digital (Mulberry, Vogue, Getty Images) - Editor.

Digital Content and Events - In digital (Vogue US, Vogue UK, Lost & Found Magazine, Getty Images) - Editor.

24Kitchen - Fox US - Senior Editor & Supervisor.

Cooking across borders – 24Kitchen - Fox US - Senior Editor & Supervisor.

24Kitchen - Fox US - Senior Editor & Supervisor.

24Kitchen - Fox US - Senior Editor & Supervisor.

A short documentary film for Face This charity - Editor.

CBBC - 180 Amsterdam - Editor.



Turkish Rock band - Music Video

Electro DJ duo - Music Video

Chee-Han W.'s Software Skills

Chee-Han is a highly experienced Illustrator.

Chee-Han is a highly experienced Avid Offline Editor.

Chee-Han is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline Editor.

Chee-Han is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline Editor.

Chee-Han uses basic After Effects to enhance her work.

Chee-Han is an advanced InDesign user.

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