Anita S.

Anita S. Editor (offline).

After falling in love with editing when cutting films at University Anita fast became a hungry yet smiley addition to the world of post-production. Very quick to work out a strong narrative structure, she is especially suited to character driven short-form and long form documentaries, but also relishes the opportunity to work on commercials and promos. She is lucky enough to find her work as fun and absorbing as her passion for photography, a past-time that has allowed her to develop a great love for visual language and a deeper understanding of the philosophy underpinning the medium. Being a fan of yoga also definitely impacts on her work. Standing on her head (headstand), or flying like a bird (crow pose) weirdly can bring a calm and new perspective to any edit.

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Archival footage and personal testimonials chart the early years of George Harrison’s film company, Handmade Films, that accidentally produced cult classics such as Life of Brian, Time Bandits, Withnail & I and Mona Lisa. Featuring interviews with Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Richard E Grant. Limited cinema release 2019.

AMC Network (AVID offline)

This documentary looks into the global increase in life expectancy – for the first time in world history there will be more people over 60 than children under 14. This poses an unprecedented challenge to our pension system, left unchecked, it could lead to a crisis with more than 1.2 billion people impoverished in old age. This documentary will look at the global solutions being put into practice to stop old age poverty.

TTID Productions (FCP X offline)

1 x 30’ Charting the history and development of the organisation. - Amnesty International/Internal Use. - FCP Offline/Online

5 x 15’ this series explores how schools across the country are trying to close the attainment gap in education. - Brook Lapping/Teachers’ TV - Avid Offline/Online

1 x 25’ this film investigates the human rights violations committed by Congolese government soldiers against the women and girls of the small town of Minova. - Studio 9 Films/France 24 - FCP Offline/Online

4 x 15’ Experts and professionals examine modern teaching careers. - Brook Lapping/Teachers’ TV - Avid Offline/Online

1 x 60’ in this series Konnie Huq explores major news stories, from celebrity scandals to terrorist attacks of the last fifty years. - Current TV - FCP Offline

1x5’ Short documentary. Three people affected by cancer tell their emotional stories from diagnosis to the life changing support provided by The Mulberry Centre. - The Mulberry Centre/Online, Additional Credit: Directing - FCP Offline/Online

Fast turnaround 1 hr documentary covering the 2015 earth quake in Nepal. ITN Productions for Discovery Channel worldwide - Avid offline

11 x 5’ Short documentaries. Behind the scenes at local radio stations revealing what it takes to make engaging radio programmes. - BBC Academy/ CoP Online portal - FCP Offline/Online

1 x 60’ Feature

Only weeks after the 2011 earthquake the fanatical supporters of J-league underdogs Vegalta Sendai battle across Japan to make a remarkable promise to their devastated city – One that would inspire the nation, and capture the imagination of the entire footballing world - Bill and Ben Productions/Sundance Channel (Avid Offline)

1 x 10’10

A story of eight teams competing in the Google Lunar XPRIZE to land a privately funded robot on the moon - Grain Media (Avid Offline)

1 x 46’

This series sends eight twenty-somethings back to university where they can forget the stresses of being an adult and enjoy the fun and freedom of being a Fresher. Elephant House Studios/MTV

3 x 46’

Phillip Schofield invites celebrity guests, experts and members of the public to help him road test the latest must-have festive buys. RDF/ ITV

2 x 30’ (Reversion of 1x60’ episode)

This series hits the road with some of the nation's oldest motorists. RDF/ITV

EP 9 & 10 2 x 46’

Channel 5 sends eight couples for a hearty dose of sun, sea and separation. Who will stay and who will stray?

3 x 2’ VT inserts. Young people use their talents and ingenuity to raise money for Comic Relief. - Brook Lapping/BBC1 - Avid Offline

2 x 20’ Celebrities Ade Adepitan and Vanessa Feltz are challenged to teach classes of ten year olds. - Brooking Lapping/Teachers’ TV - Avid Offline/Online

2 x 60’

An ob-doc style series following an elite mining team in their search for rare rough gems. Additional Editor.

RDF/National Geographic (Avid Offline)

VT inserts. Celebrities Natasha Kaplinksy and Chris Parker are taught to dance by professional ballroom dancers. - Resolution/BBC1 & BBC3 - Avid Offline

2 x 60’ Katie Price guides a group of young novice riders, including her own children, through the elitist world of pony clubs.

Shiver ITV / TLC (Avid Offline)

1 x 30’ with access to exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes filming of the parents of the Boston bombers - ITN/Channel 4,

1 x 30’ Matt Frei reports from Connecticut, the scene of one of America’s worst mass shootings. ITN/Channel 4 (Avid Offline)

A topical news programme that examines and dissects the world’s media, how they operate and the stories they cover. - Al Jazeera - Avid Offline

Ghana, Cancer Ward – 1 x 25’ (Avid Offline)

Insight/Al Jazeera

From the producer of The King’s Speech a BAFTA nominated drama based on a true story set on Kajaki Dam, 2006. A three-man patrol sets out to disable a Taliban roadblock encountering an unexpected, terrifying enemy. Under every step the possibility of an anti-personnel mine, a mine that could cost your leg – or your life. - Assistant Editor - Pukka Films/National Cinema Release

1 x 30” WCRS Engine Partners UK (Avid Offline)

Motion Picture House Film

1 x 30” Jack Morton/International Broadcast - FCP Offline

TV promo 1 x 60’ Exposure Films/Disney

2 x 2.30’ A Nat Geo photographer uses a Smartphone on a ten-day assignment. Jack Morton/Online for National Geographic - FCP Offline

Motion Picture House Film

2x2’ branded short films

Two extraordinary characters use technology to push scientific and creative boundaries; Marine biologist Tammy Silva tracks and analyzes the tones of the majestic toothed whales of Massachusetts Bay and Beatboxer Shlomo freestyles music composition in the studio and in-front of a live audience.

HMX Media/Lenovo/Youtube

2 x 2’ Profile Films. Backstage at Wella’s Trend Vision 2014 show - Jack Morton/Online - Wella Professionals - FCP Offline

2 x 2’. Two companies, with the help of The Technology Strategy Board, reveal the highs and lows of turning their ideas into a commercial reality. - Merchant Cantos/Online - FCP Offline

1 x 15’ Charting the history of DHL’s global expansion via the rise of aviation. Maverick Adverting/Internal Use - FCP Offline/Online

25 x 10’ Corporate films for DHL - Maverick Adverting/Internal Use - FCP Offline/Online

1 x 5’, Tilling Productions/Live presentation - FCP Offline

1 x 5’ Claire, a midwife from Harlow, visits the slums of Delhi and rural clinics in Rajasthan to see what life is like for her Indian colleagues. Save the children/Online distribution. - Avid Offline/Online

1 x 3’ Over 18 million people across West Africa are facing a major hunger crisis. Save the Children are on the ground with stabilization clinics working with vulnerable children. Save the children/Online distribution. - Avid Offline/Online

1 x 3’ Save the children/Online distribution. - Avid Offline/Online

1 x 5’ Save the children/Online distribution. - Avid Offline/Online

1 x 4’ Save the children/Online distribution. - Avid Offline/Sound Design


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Anita is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline Editor

Anita is a highly experienced Avid Offline Editor

Anita is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline Editor

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