Alex K.

Alex Kloten

Alex K. Edit Assistant, Editor (offline).

Alex is a 27-year-old freelance junior editor/edit assistant having worked with production companies and also post production companies. His skills include junior editing, conforming, tape/tapeless ingest, grouping, syncing, exports, QC, and frame rate conversions. He has installed and maintained edit suites and shared storage systems. He also has working knowledge of ISIS and Edit Share media management.

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1 x 60min - George marks 100 years of council housing by calling for a construction revolution. Amazing Productions for Channel 4. (Avid Edit Assistant)

1 x 20min - 21-year-old Emma takes a no-holds-barred look into the world of plus-sized love and sex by asking questions that everyone may be curious about but are too embarrassed to ask. Keo Films for BBC Three. (Avid Junior Editor/Edit Assistant)

3 x 60min - Writer and adventurer Will Millard visits with the Korowai people, who have already become used to tourists and documentary film crews, to understand just how much pressure they are facing to conform to modern life. Keo Films for BBC Two. (Avid Junior Editor/Edit Assistant)

1 x 60min - Documentary written and presented by journalist Fiona Bruce, recounting the horrific murder of Rachel Nickell, and the pursuit of the wrong man. Keo Films for ITV. (Avid Edit Assistant)

3 x 60min - An intimate portrait of the migration crisis, revisiting some of those who arrived in 2015 and meeting those still making the increasingly difficult and dangerous journeys in search of a better life. Keo Films for BBC Two. (Avid Junior Editor/Edit Assistant)

4 X 60min - Farms occupy more than two-thirds of the British countryside. A Year on the Farm reveals the secret world of four UK farms fighting for their way of life. Keo Films for Channel 4. (Avid Edit Assistant)

4 x 60min - Three Wives, One Husband is an enthralling and eye-opening new documentary series, filmed in a polygamous community of Fundamentalist Mormons in the extraordinary setting of Rockland Ranch deep in the Utah desert. Keo Films for Channel 4. (Avid Edit Assistant)

8 x 60min - Ten talented cooks embark on the ultimate immersive cooking competition, living together in a shared house and competing against each other in the kitchen as they are tested by the trio of exacting judges. Keo Films for BBC One. (Avid Edit Assistant)

5 x 60mins - In MTV's reality competition series, ten people who have all finished uni in the past ten years will compete in fresher's week-based challenges to win their ultimate gap year experience. Elephant House Studios for MTV. (Avid Edit Assistant/Data Wrangler)

6 x 60min - In each episode George will have unprecedented access to two of his favourite National Trust properties; some that he has loved since his childhood, and some that he has never visited but have been on his bucket list for years. Plus, he and husky Loki will take two of the National Trust’s most beautiful walks through ancient woods, dramatic clifftops, wild parklands and landscaped gardens. (Avid Editor/Edit Assistant)

6 x 60min – George Clarke follows change of use buyers as they convert disused and derelict buildings into unique homes. Amazing Productions for Channel 4 (Avid Junior Editor/Edit Assistant)

18 x 60min - George Clarke helps people make their period homes fit for modern life. Amazing Productions for Channel 4. (Avid Junior Editor/Edit Assistant)

12 x 60min - George Clarke and leading architects transform some of Britain's most unloved homes. Amazing Productions for Channel 4. (Avid Junior Editor/Edit Assistant)

3 x 60min - With Britain becoming the most obese country in western Europe, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is on a mission, asking food producers, restaurants and the government to confront the crisis. Keo Films for BBC One. (Avid Junior Editor/Edit Assistant)

3 x 60 mins - The story of the dance revolution - the beat, the clubs and the DJs that changed music culture. Following the 4/4 beat from disco through to the current EDM explosion. Somethin Else for BBC Four. (Avid Edit Assistant)

6 x 30min - With access all areas, from sentencing to rehabilitation, parole and probation, this series opens the doors on Jurby Prison on the Isle of Man. In this unique institution we meet the men, women and juveniles all held in the same place. Amazing Productions for ITV. (Avid Junior Editor/Edit Assistant)

Alex K.'s Software Skills

Alex uses Avid on an advanced level.

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