Adam H.

Adam H. Editor (offline).

Having started his career at the BBC, Adam is a humble, knowledgeable and well organized Avid Editor with a strong sense of narrative. Confidence in his ability to balance the requirements of a script and timeline means that he excels when working on long form projects.

Always thoughtful and considerate when approaching a project for the first time, Adam is a safe pair of hands. He has a deep appreciation for production teams and enjoys working closely with Directors, harnessing their vision, developing their ideas and bring their story to life.

Due to his additional skills in colour grading and sound mixing, Adam is able to tackle even the most complex visual effect sequences.

Outside of the cutting room you’ll find him cheering on the Formula 1 or spending time with his gorgeous Border Collie, Leamington.

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1 x 60' Offline Editor - Shiver for ITV1

Online Editor VT inserts

Offline Editor - Lime Pictures for ITV2

2 x 45' & 1 x 60' Offline Editor

Offline Editor - TalkBack Thames for ITV1

Additional Editing - Shiver for Channel 4

Online Editor inc Tracklay & Audio

1x45’ Offline Editor - Crook Productions for Channel 5

Online & Offline Editor. Inc final mix & Grade.
22’ for Pixar/Disney & Channel 4 (Eyeworks). Producer: Kirsten Highet.

3x60’ Offline Editor. A look back over the last 5 years of MTV UK’s biggest ratings constructed reality TV show, featuring interviews with the cast, fans and celebrities (Lime Pictures)

Online Editor. Inserts & Stings for daily chat show - Cactus TV for Channel 4.

Online Editor. Cut all inserts & assembled multiple versions of weekly show inc. audio mix & grading.

Series 2, 5 x 23’ Offline Editor - Megalomedia for Channel 4

Offline Editor. Worked with Exec Producer to bring into time and recut. (Crackit Productions for Channel 5)

Additional Editing. Teenagers first holiday away from their parents – who are secretly watching the whole thing. (RDF for BBC3)

Offline Editor (HD) - Interview based documentary and performance recital, featuring Dame Felicity Lott (Produced & Directed by: Jonathan Hills)

Offline Editor – 3 x 23’ for Channel 4 and 3 x 4’ highlights for (Initial). Series Producer: Richard Pengelley.

3 x 30’ Offline Editor. James Martin embarks on a culinary journey through Champagne to mingle with the locals and perfect his traditional French dishes. (Eagle Media for UKTV Food) Executive Producer: Alan Ravenscroft

Series 1, Show 4 & 5 Offline Editor. The cooking competition where poker meets food presented by Melanie Sykes and judge Marco Pierre White.

6 x 30’ Offline Editor. Combining delicious food with travel, Chef James Martin travels to Brittany in this entertaining series which explores classic French cuisine, with a British twist. (Eagle Media for UKTV Food) Executive Producer. Alan Ravenscroft

Offline Editor. In aid of UNICEF, this charity match brings together celebrities and veterans of the game head to head in a football battle. (Initial for ITV1)

Online Editor VT Inserts; Daily Football Magazine Show

Online Editor. Inserts for weekly football magazine shows. (Avid Symphony)

Junior Avid Editor (Symphony)
Formula One Management Ltd

12 x 50’ International Reversioning, Offline Editor. Drama series about life at the Bar, the dilemmas and problems that modern day barristers have to face and what it means to become silk. (BBC Worldwide)

2 x 110’ International Reversioning, Offline Editor. Top class BBC drama which follows five non-consecutive days of a police investigation into the disappearance of a young mother and her children. (BBC & Portman Productions)

Asst. Film Editor, 8 x 60’ for Kudos and Sky One

Asst. Film Editor, 1 x 90’ for BBC Wales

Asst. Film Editor, 1 x 90’ for ITV
Asst. Film Editor, 3x60 for Red Productions & BBC1

Asst. Film Editor, 5 x 60' for ITV1

Asst. Film Editor, 1 x 90’ for Open Door Films and BBC2

Asst. Film Editor, (Assembly Editor Block 1), 4 x 60’ for BBC/HBO

Asst. Film Editor, 6 x 60' for BBC1
Assistant Editor, 1 x 90’ Hartswood Films for ITV1

Assistant Editor – 8 x 60’ World Productions for BBC (HD)

Assistant Editor, 4 x 90’ Granada for ITV1

Asst. Film Editor, (Assembly Editor Block 1 & 2) 5 x 60’ for BBC

Assistant Editor, 6 x 45’ Granada for ITV1

Asst. Film Editor, 6 x 60’ for BBC1 & HD

Assistant Editor, 12 x 30’ World Productions for BBC

13 x 45’ VFX/Online Editor. Fantasy Drama for Hallmark Entertainment/ABC (USA) (Framestore-CFC)

Series 18: Episodes 16-18, 3 x 30’. Dir: Matt Carter, Prod: Carol Harding, BBC1. Episodes 107-109. Editor Dir: Niall Fraser, Prod: Lee Thomas, BBC1. Episodes 122-124 - Dir: Niall Fraser, Prod: Grainne O’Boyle

2 x 90’ VFX Editor. Mini-Series for Hallmark Entertainment/CBS (USA) (Jim Henson’s Creature Shop)

1x30’ Comedy Pilot, Offline Editor. A romantic comedy about innocence and sex that captures Brighton in all its glory and the amusing collision of characters who reside there. (Ruby Films for Sky Living)

VT for Pilot, Offline Editor. Charlie Brooker takes a polemical and satirical look at the way the news is made and told. (Zeppotron)

(2014) Assistant Editor. Comedy drama based around a couple living in an affluent area of the north. Tiger Aspect for Sky Living

Offline Editor. Katy Brand takes on the entire entertainment industry with a brazen mix of celebrities and original characters and cuts it up to her own advantage in this comedy sketch show. (World’s End Productions for ITV2)

30” Promo for National Geographic Channel
Transporter 3 Audi Promo – Audi Channel

Unboxing the Box 20’ Making of Animated Q5 Commercial – Audi Channel

4’30” Offline Editor. Short Film about a man and a woman and the trombone that gets between them.
Director: Andy Hollis, Producer: Patricia Tookey-Dickson

Offline Editor
Graduation Film for Tim Dunn (London Film School) – Duration: 15’

Clients inc. DMI Productions, CTN, K-Post / JWT, And The Bank

Additional Offline Editor. Edited drama re-enactments for this show to be aired on the Crime and Investigation Network. Sky / Thumbs Up Productions.

Additional Editing – 2 x 60’ (North One for Channel 5)

(2012) - 10 x 60’ Assistant Editing. The Bible comes to life in HISTORY’s epic new series. From Genesis to Revelation, these unforgettable stories unfold through live action and cutting-edge computer-generated imagery (Lightworkers Productions/History Channel)

Editor. The Channel 4 show that helps house hunters find dream holiday homes all over Europe 2 x 45’ (Freeform Productions)

Additional Editor. Channel 4's exciting new property series sees genuine house hunters make the life changing decision between living in a rural idyll or a coastal hotspot. (Freeform Productions)

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Adam is a highly experienced Avid Offline Editor.

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