Somayeh J.

Somayeh J. Director, Camera Operator.

With a love of fashion, music and online content and an understanding and passion for all aspects of filmmaking, Somayeh is well equipped in the world of short-form.

She loves to experiment and take on a challenge which is great as she has total Zen and always remains cool under pressure. She also hopes to one day make a film in her motherland, Iran.

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Role: Co-Director / Editor.

Milk & Cola Production.

Role: Director / Editor.

Role: Co-Director / Editor.

Role: Director / Editor.

World Premier of Jonathan Dove’s ‘Psalms for Leo’.

Role: Director / Camera Op / Editor.

Music video.

Role: Co-Director.

A moment of crisis in the life of a pregnant woman. JamFlicks Production. Role: Director / Editor.

The true nature of a relationship unravels over lunch. JamFlicks production.

Role: Director / Editor.

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