Rupert B.

Rupert Van Den Broek

Rupert B. Camera Operator, Producer.

Rupert had a career as a journalist writing and photographing for magazines and newspapers including Don’t Panic, Dazed and Confused and The Independent on Sunday before taking a scholarship to attend the Masters in Filmmaking program at the London Film School.

Over the 4 years since graduating he has produced and directed and shot documentary, commercial and short drama as well as work as an editor of broadcast and commercial content. He brings a creative eye, a thorough understanding of what is needed for the edit and an experienced production background.

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1 x 2’ Fashion Film & 1 x 15” Promos.

Story of Androgyny as told in Plato’s Symposium. TRNDSXL.

Role: Producer / Director.

10 x 2’ Interview promo series for Body Works West Gym.

Role: Producer / Director / Camera Op.

1 x 2” + 8 x 15’ Promo campaign for Body Works West Notting Hill Gym. Role: Producer / Director.

21 x 3’ Promo for Body Works West’s Annual Christmas Party

Role: Producer / Director.

1 x 3’ Promo for Astor’s Annual Christmas Party.

Role: Producer / Director / Camera Op.

1 x 3’ & 10 x 1’ Promo.

Role: Producer / Director / Camera Op.

3 x 5’ Internal Video.

Role: Producer / Camera Op.

1 x 3’.

Role: Producer / Director / Camera Op.

20 x 3’ Documentary Animated and interview based series telling the stories of Chinese veterans of the Sino-Japanese War.

Role: Director / Editor.

1 x 10’ Profile of Alan Rivers on his 70th birthday.

Role: Producer.

1 x 10’ Interviews with stateless refugees about life as a people whose homelands have rejected them.

Role: Producer / Director.

6 x 45” Kiss of Death tells the real-life stories of people whose lovers sought to destroy them. Talos Films.

6 x 45” Obsession tells the real-life stories of people who survived Obsession October Films.

Role: Post Production Producer.

1 x 12’ Dramatic Short

A taxidermist’s assistant attempts to win the heart of his boss but can he compete with her departed husband? Official selection: New York Brown Fish Festival Official selection: Hollywood Shorts Festival. Role: Producer / Director.

1 x 2’ Comedy Short

Bill Bradley’s Promo for his extreme corporate training programme.

Role: Producer / Director.

3– 1 x 2’ Dramatic Short 3rd place Grolsch Short of the Year 2013

Role: Producer / Director / Editor.

1 x 4’ Dramatic Short

A man goes on the walk.

Role: Producer / Director / Editor.

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