'Workflow Masterclass with Final Cut Pro X' Free Tutorial

'Workflow Masterclass with Final Cut Pro X' Free Tutorial

Watch the full 45 Minute Free Tutorial here, or save it for later, and learn how to Create Multiple Social Versions and Publish Directly from Final Cut Pro X

Now that more of us are working remotely, we need to do things a bit differently. With the example of a real world project, this masterclass demonstrates a new way of working collaboratively within Final Cut, enabling creative team members in different locations to transfer libraries and media over the internet using Postlab.

See how effortless it is to work with anyone, anywhere, faster. Remote collaboration has never been easier.

The project takes existing content from a short film starring world renowned free runner Chase Armitage, and turns it into shorter pieces for his social media. (All links will take you to YouTube)

We often deliver live masterclasses on stage like the one we did with Guildhall School of Music and Drama. It’s amazing what you can do with modern tools when it comes to audio and video production. (All links will take you to YouTube)

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Get a free trial of Final Cut Pro X for your Mac here.

YouTube time code. (All links will take you to YouTube)

  1. 00:00 Intro
  2. 02:29 The Workflow
  3. 04:16 Editor 1 - Ingest & Organise
  4. 15:34 Editor 2 - Edits & Reversions
  5. 26:13 Editor 3 - Graphics and Grade
  6. 39:05 Editor 1 - Export
  7. 42:33 Conclusion