Our Covid-19 Response

Our Covid-19 Response

The Covid-19 Pandemic is having an unprecedented impact across the world. For the UK, the last few months have been transformational, and very few of us fully anticipated the range of impacts that this virus would eventually cause.

With new challenges ever on the horizon, we are doing our best to adapt to the new regulations and keep everyone’s safety in mind. Therefore, we are expanding our services to allow for new possibilities on how we can better serve you and your team.

Soho Editors Training

We now offer 4 different ways for you to attend our courses, giving you the flexibility to either attend privately, attend from your home, or attend at your own pace.

  • Bespoke Training
  • Classroom Course
  • Live Online Class
  • Online Video Tutorial

We will be reopening our central London Centre to begin offering Classroom Courses again soon, but with social distancing in mind, including:

  • Max 5 Delegates on each course
  • 2-meter distancing of workstations
  • Remote Desktop support
  • Regular cleaning to all communal areas

Not only have we added new delivery methods, we have also been working to give back to the freelance community that have been hit the hardest. We now offer free How-To Videos on the basics of our popular applications, as well as free Webinars for in-depth studies on specific workflows.

Soho Editors Freelance Agency

All our operators are now prepared to work on your projects remotely. From offline editing, to grading, 3D and animation, our talent have been working hard keeping the creativity of London going through these troubling months.

Our agency also offers project support, beyond just the craft of your work. They are well prepared to walk you through those times you find yourself stuck on that one import or export.

Soho Editors Permanent Recruitment

Our experienced team is still here, helping you to connect the right candidate with your creative role in our new contactless hiring platform.

Let us narrow down your choices for you, and then interview new delegates remotely with our online system. Watch their showreels, view their CVs, and give them questionnaire assessments all digitally without needing to travel.

These are very worrying times for us all, and we are doing all we can to ensure that we continue to play our part in keeping you safe, whilst still delivering the quality of work and training that has always been expected of Soho Editors.

Thank you for your patience during this time, and we hope to be working with you again soon.